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Compass Community Collaborative School (1917)

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Compass Community Collaborative School


Compass Community Collaborative School Our school is a 6th-12th-grade charter school entering its sixth year. We are authorized by Poudre School District. Our mission is to help students discover learning with purpose and to author the best possible story of their lives and our collective future. At the heart of our model is social-emotional intelligence and humanity-centered design, with which students engage in community-based, project-based learning. We are centrally located in midtown Fort C ollins with direct access to the one rapid public transportation line in town and a bike trail that connects to the rest of the city. This location supports equity of enrollment and active connection between the school and the community. COMMITMENT TO ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE Compass School is committed to maintaining the highest standards of academic excellence for our students. Deep dives into academic study is achieved through essential 21st century skill development and growth as an autonomous learner. Teacher-Advisors of the highest professional caliber will support, challenge, and learn alongside every Compass student. LEVELS OF AUTONOMY At Compass, we recognize that the most important aspect of schooling goes beyond the specific content and projects that students will explore while at Compass. Long after they move on to adulthood, the skills and competencies that they develop will impact their success at college, in their career, and as a community member. Rather than the age-based grade levels used in traditional middle and high schools, students at Compass will move through four Levels of Autonomy based on the academic and skills competencies they demonstrate consistently throughout their school experience. Autonomy is defined as being in a state of ?self-governance?; that is, being independent and having excellent self-management skills. Each Studio class and Venture Project will clearly define the skill domains on which the class will focus. Demonstrated competencies will be tracked in Student Passports for all students and, additionally, in Mastery Transcript starting in 10th-grade. Four Levels Explorers observe and examine. A student in the Explorer level will experience more teacher-led instruction where they will be asked to deeply investigate or examine concepts they may need throughout the later levels. Many foundational core academic skills will be taught at this level. All 6th-grade students will start as Explorers and it is expected that they will be ready to level-up at the end of their 6th-grade year. Surveyors investigate unfamiliar areas. In this level, students will be encouraged to ask questions, learn how to experiment, and continue to experiment with applying their academic skills to real world issues, and continue to gain fundamental academic knowledge to fit real-life problems by working on teams with some student-designed projects. We expect most students to level up to the next level at the end of their 8th-grade year. Navigators begin to direct their own route. They have demonstrated competency in enough skills to be working extensively in the community on projects that are collaboratively designed between the student, staff, and community partners. In these upper levels, students will be asked to design solutions to their own problems in the form of larger projects. Navigators will work closely with our college and career counselors to start organizing internships and work experience, as well as planning or taking college classes as they start to map their route to higher education. Students will most likely be Navigators in 9th-11th grades. Pathfinders chart a course to discovery and take an active role in showing others ways forward. We believe that the best way to learn is to teach, and we encourage our upperclassmen to take on mentoring the younger levels. These 11th and 12th-grade students will also be expected to take concurrent enrollment college classes and be actively engaging in semester-long internships with one or more community partners. A strong focus on postsecondary opportunities is facilitated by our Futures Counselor.



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