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Littleton Prep Charter School (5233)

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Littleton Prep Charter School


Littleton Preparatory Charter School is a publicly funded, tuition-free* charter school in northwest Littleton. Founded in 1998, our school serves students from Littleton and the entire metro area. The mission of Littleton Prep is to provide a content-rich, academically-rigorous education with a well-defined, sequential curriculum in a safe, orderly and caring environment. Our purpose is to inspire children to develop a passion for learning to prepare them for future success. In case you?re not familiar with charter schools, please be aware that charter schools are public schools ? with a difference. They are public schools of choice and authorize parents and educators to create new, innovative, and more flexible ways of educating children within the public educational system. Student academic achievement is the primary goal of Littleton Prep. Students must first master the fundamentals to achieve mastery of higher-level skills. We define mastery as the ability to demonstrate knowledge and skills repeatedly and accurately. This requires repeated instruction in the subject matter, increasing degree of challenge and considerable practice. Student mastery of the core academic subjects with advancement to more challenging materials is central to the concept of Littleton Prep. Some of the features of Littleton Prep are: An academically rigorous curriculum with definite academic goals and topics for each grade, guided by the Colorado Academic Standards and the nationally respected Core Knowledge sequence, A primary school program that features Direct Instruction, a thoroughly researched, field-tested set of programs in reading, English, spelling, and mathematics, A positive discipline program that reflects equity and encourages student safety, respect and dignity, A school uniform and dress code policy are in place which helps students focus on learning by reducing distractions, disruptions and disciplinary problems, A precision placement system that enables students with varying skills and abilities to be appropriately challenged. Enrollment in Littleton Prep is open to all students. Actually, the majority of our students are from neighboring districts such as Denver, Jefferson County, Englewood, Cherry Creek and Douglas County. Littleton Prep is organized as a Colorado non-profit corporation. Unlike regular public schools, charter schools are governed by a board that is elected by the parents of students. Our Governing Board is comprised of five members consisting of parents, guardians and community members. Governing Board members serve staggered three year terms and may serve no more that two terms. Littleton Preparatory Charter School is a school of choice. We don?t pretend to offer all things to all people. However, if you?re seeking an alternative to regular public education ? for a school that strives for excellence in academics and conduct ? then we think you?ve come to the right place.



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