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Acronyms Used by CDE

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  • 504
    Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 – a civil rights statute that prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability
  • 21stCCLC
    21st Century Community Learning Centers

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  • AAC
    Augmentative Alternative Communication
    American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education
  • AASL
    American Association of School Librarians (related: ALA)
    Amgen Award for Science Teaching Excellence
  • ABE
    Adult Basic Education - a component of adult education. ABE is instruction in the basic skills below the 9th grade level (0-8.9).
  • ABEA
    Adult Basic Education Authorization-The authorization is a state-issued credential for adult educators in Colorado. It is the minimum professional standard for instructors in Colorado adult education programs that receive AEFLA funding.
  • ABI
    Acquired Brain Injury
    Access Colorado Library and Information Network (See Colorado Virtual Library)
  • ACRL
    Association of College and Research Libraries (related: ALA)
  • ACSN
    Advisory Council for School Nutrition)
  • ACSP
    Afterschool Care Snack Program
  • ACT
    American College Test
  • ADA
    Americans with Disabilities Act – federal law that protects civil rights of the disabled in public accommodations (buildings), employment, transportation, government services, and telecommunications
  • ADD
    Attention Deficit Disorder
  • ADE
    Automated Data Exchange
  • ADL
    Activities of Daily Living
  • ADHD
    Attention Deficit Hyper-activity Disorder
  • AEC
    Alternative Education Campus
  • AEFL
    Adult Education and Family Literacy – an office within the Division of Innovation, Choice, and Engagement at the Colorado Dept. of Education.
    Adult Education and Family Literacy Act - Title II of the Workforce Investment Act.
  • AFDC
    Old acronym for Aid to Families with Dependent Children which was replaced with TANF.
  • AFT
    American Federation of Teachers, one of two teachers unions, the other is CEA.
  • AHS
    Adult High School
  • AIR
    Annual Implementation Review

  • AITQ
    Academic Improvement and Teacher Quality
  • ALA
    American Library Association
    American Library Association - Allied Professional Association
  • ALJ
    Administrative Law Judge
    America’s Labor Market Information System - National databases to permit the seamless transfer of labor market information within and between states in a standardized format.
  • AMAO
    Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives
  • APE
    Adapted Physical Education
  • APF
    Annual Performance Factor
  • APR
    Annual Performance Report
  • APRP
    Advanced Placement Reimbursement Program
  • ARL
    Association of Research Libraries
  • ARRA
    American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
  • ASAA
    Advancing Student Academic Achievement
  • ASCC
    Automation System Consortia – Colorado
    Accelerating Schools through Concurrent Enrollment
    Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies
  • ASD
    Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • ASE
    A component of adult education. ASE is instruction in basic skills at or above the 9th grade level (9-12).
  • ASHA
    American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
  • ASL
    American Sign Language
  • ASMT
    Assessment of Prevention Indicators and Resources
  • AT
    Assistive Technology
  • ATE
    Association of Teacher Educators
  • AU
    Administrative Unit
  • AUA
    Administrative Unit of Attendance
  • AUD
  • AVP
    Area Vocational Program
  • AYP
    Adequate Yearly Progress

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  • BAAC
    Building Accountability Advisory Committees
    Breakfast After the Bell Nutrition Program)
  • BD
    Behavior Disorder
  • BEAR
    Basic Early Assessment in Reading
  • BEP
    Behavior Education Program
  • BEST
    Basic English Skills Test -The BEST is designed to test listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing skills of limited English proficient adults.

  • BEST
    Building Excellent Schools Today
  • BIA
    Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • BIP
    Behavior Intervention Plan
    Board of Cooperative Educational Services - Frequently BOCES are a group of smaller districts that band together to use their collective for a better use of funds. Also known as BOCS.
  • BOCS
    Board of Cooperative Services. Also known as BOCES.
  • BVI
    Blind/Visually Impaired

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  • C (at the end of a school district name)
  • CABE
    Colorado Association of Bilingual Educators
  • CACE
    Colorado Association of Community Educators
  • CADI
    Comprehensive Appraisal for District Improvement
    Colorado Adult Education Professional Association
    Colorado Adult Education System for Accountability and Reporting
  • CAI
    Computer Assisted Instruction
  • CAL
    Colorado Association of Libraries
  • CAL
    Center for Applied Linguistics
  • CALC
    Colorado Academic Library Consortium
  • CAP
    Corrective Action Plan
  • CAP4K
    Colorado Achievement Plan for Kids (SB-212)
    Colorado Alliance of Quality School Age Providers
  • CARL
    Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries
    Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System. Standardized assessment instruments for assessing adult basic skills within a functional context.
    Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse Striving Together to Achieve Rewarding Tomorrows
  • CASB
    Colorado Association of School Boards
    Colorado Association of School Business Officials
  • CASE
    Colorado Association for School Executives
  • CASL
    Classroom Assessment for Student Learning
  • CASL
    Colorado Association of School Librarians
  • CATE
    Colorado Association of Teacher Educators
  • CBLA
    Colorado Basic Literacy Act – state law that ensures students are reading at grade level by third grade
  • CBO
    Community Based Organization - a local organization that works with one specialized population or group of clients. (i.e.: youth, women, adult learners, ex- offenders).
  • CBT
    Computer-Based Training - the dissemination of text for instruction via electronic means.
  • CCA
    Capital Construction Assistance
  • CCAB
    Capital Construction Assistance Board
  • CCB
    Community Centered Board
  • CCHE
    Colorado Council on Higher Education
    Colorado Council of the International Reading Association
  • CCLC
    Century Community Learning Centers
  • CCML
    Colorado Council of Medical Libraries
  • CCR
    Colorado Code of Regulations
  • CCRA
    Colorado Comprehensive Reading Academy
    Center for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement
    Council of Chief State School Officers
  • CDE
    Colorado Department of Education
    Colorado Department of Education, Adult Education and Family Literacy Office
  • CDHE
    Colorado Department of Higher Education
  • CDHS
    Colorado Department of Human Services
  • CDL&E
    Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
  • CDP
    Cooperative Digitization Program (aka: CO Digitization Project; Heritage Colorado)
    Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
  • CE
    Concurrent Enrollment
  • CEA
    Colorado Education Association – one of two teachers unions, the other is AFT
  • CEC
    Council for Exceptional Children
    Colorado Educational and Cultural Facilities Authority – issues bonds for charter schools
    Colorado Education Data Analysis and Reporting System
  • CEI
    Colorado Education Initiative (formerly Colorado Legacy Foundation)
  • CELP
    Colorado English Language Proficiency
  • CELT
    Center for Educational Leadership and Technology
  • CEMA
    Colorado Educational Media Association (now: CASL)
  • CEP
    Community Eligibility Program
  • CFDA
    Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
  • C-FIRS
    Colorado – Federal Integrated Review System
  • CFP
    Consolidated Federal Programs
    Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  • CI
    Cochlear Implant

    Colorado Instructional Materials Center for the Visually Handicapped
  • CIMP
    Continuous Improvement Monitoring Process
  • CIPA
    Children’s Internet Protection Act
  • CK
    Core Knowledge
  • CLA
    Colorado Library Association (now: Colorado Association of Libraries)
  • CLC
    Colorado Libraries Collaborate! (formerly Colorado Library Card)
  • CLCS
    Colorado League of Charter Schools
  • CLD
    Culturally and/or Linguistically Diverse
  • CLF
    Colorado Legacy Foundation (now Colorado Education Initiative)
  • CMAS
    Colorado Measures of Academic Success
  • CNS
    Central Nervous System
  • COA
    Chart of Accounts
    Colorado Academic Library Association
  • CoALL
    Colorado Association of Law Libraries
  • CoALT
    Colorado Alternate Assessment
    Colorado Mathematics Middle School Teacher Enhancement Project
  • CoP
    Committee of Practitioners
  • COPA
    Children’s Online Protection Act
  • CoPINE
    Colorado Parent Information Network for Education
  • CoPLA
    Colorado Public Library Association (related: CAL)
  • CORE
    Consortium on Reading Excellence
    Colorado School Public Relations Association
    Chief Officers of State Library Agencies
  • CoSN
    Consortium for School Networking
  • CoSPL 
    Colorado State Publications Library
  • COWD
    Colorado Office of Workforce Development
  • CP
    Cerebral Palsy
    Colorado Parent Information and Resource Center
  • CPLD
    Colorado Public Library Directors
  • CPP
    Colorado Preschool Program
  • CPRE
    Consortium for Policy Research in Education
  • CRC
    Colorado Resource Center
  • CREA
    Colorado Reading Excellence Act
  • CRF
    Colorado Reading First
    Completion, Recall, Open-ended, Wh- questions, and Distancing. Prompts used in dialogic reading.
  • CRS
    Colorado Revised Statutes
  • CSAC
    Commissioner’s Superintendent Advisory Council
  • CSAP
    Colorado Student Assessment Program
    Colorado State Assessment Program Alternate
    Colorado Student Before and After School Project
  • CSCC
    Charter School Capital Construction
  • CSDB
    Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind
    Colorado Special Education Advisory Committee
  • CSI
    Charter School Institute
  • CSL
    Colorado State Library
    Colorado State Pupil Transportation Association
  • CST
    Coordinated Support Team
  • CRD
    Colorado Reading Directorate
  • CSP
    Charter School Program
  • CSPR
    Consolidated State Performance Report
  • CSR
    Comprehensive School Reform – a federal grant for failing schools, formerly known as Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration
  • CSR
    Class Size Reduction
  • CSRC
    Colorado School Resource Center
    Charter Schools Special Education Advisory Committee
  • CSSI
    Charter School Support Initiative
  • CSU
    Colorado State University
  • CTAG
    Closing the Achievement Gap
  • C-TAG
    Closing the Achievement Gap
  • CTBS
    California Test of Basic Skills
  • CTBL
    Colorado Talking Book Library
  • CTLT
    Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology
  • CVL
    Colorado Virtual Library

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  • DAC
    District Assessment Coordinator
  • DB
    Deafblind or Deafblindness
  • DCO
    Deputy Commissioner’s Office
  • DCS
    Douglas County Schools
  • DD
    Developmentally Disabled
  • DHH
    Deaf/Hard of Hearing
  • DI
    Direct Instruction
    Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills
  • DIG
    District Improvement Grant
  • DLI
    Daily Language Instruction
  • DLM
    Dynamic Learning Maps Consortia
  • DOC
    Department of Corrections

    Department of Defense Educational Activity
  • DPER
    Data, Program Evaluation and Reporting
  • DPF
    District Performance Frameworks
  • DPL
    Denver Public Library
  • DSM-IV
    Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV
  • DSU
    Data Services Unit
  • DU
    University of Denver
  • DVR
    Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • DWDB
    Denver Workforce Development Board
  • DYC
    Division of Youth Corrections

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    Elton B. Stephens Company - library and reference database vendor
    Early Childhood At-Risk Enhancement
  • ECE
    Early Childhood Education
  • ECEA
    Exceptional Children's Educational Act
  • ECLC
    Early Childhood Leadership Commission
  • ECS
    Education Commission of the States
  • ECSE
    Early Childhood Special Education
  • ED
    Emotional Disability
  • ED
    U.S. Department of Education
  • EDAC
    Education Data Advisory Committee
    Education Department General Administrative Regulations
  • EDID
    Educator Identifier Project. Purpose was to improve teaching and learning by linking student achievement data to the students' teacher(s).
  • EDLG
    Early Learning and Development Guidelines, Birth to 8
  • EE
    Educator Effectiveness
  • EEO
    Extended Evidence Outcomes
  • EF
    Employment First - A federally mandated program designed to ensure that all able- bodied food stamp participants funded by the US Dept. of Agriculture clients are engaged in activities that will improve their employability.
  • EFL
    Educational Functioning Level – The levels at which adult learners in AEFLA-funded programs are initially placed based on their ability to perform literacy-related tasks in specific content areas.
  • EHCY
    Education for Homeless Children and Youth
  • EI
    Educational Interpreter

  • EIEP
    Emergency Immigrant Education Program
  • EL
    Educator Licensing
  • ELA
    English Language Acquisition
  • EL/Civics
    English Literacy and Civics Education - Federal grant funds, made available under AEFLA, to enable local programs to provide integrated English literacy and civics education services to immigrants and other limited English proficient populations
  • ELD
    English Language Development
  • ELL
    English Language Learner (formerly: LEP – Limited English Proficiency)
  • ELPA
    English Language Proficiency Act
  • ELU
    Education Licensing Unit
  • EMAC
    Emergency Management Assistance Compact
  • EOY
    End of Year
  • EQIT
    Expanding Quality in Infant Toddler Care Initiative
  • E-rate
    A discount telecom program fro the US Government, the universal service fund
  • ERIC
    Educational Resources Information Center
  • ES
    Elementary School
  • ESEA
    Elementary and Secondary Education Act (aka: No Child Left Behind)
  • ESL
    English as a Second Language
  • ESOL
    English for Speakers of Other Languages
  • ESSU
    Exceptional Student Services Unit
  • ESY
    Extended School Year
  • ET/IL
    Educational Technology and Information Literacy

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  • FAPE
    Free Appropriate Public Education
  • FASD
    Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
  • FAST
    Field Analyst Services Team – formerly the pupil count Audit Team
  • FBA
    Functional Behavior Assessment
  • FBO
    Faith-Based Organization - Organizations that have their charter from a particular church/religious affiliation.
  • FCC
    Federal Communications Commission
  • FDA
    Facilitated Data Analysis
  • FDK
    Full-Day Kindergarten Facility Capital Construction
    Family Education Rights and Privacy Act – federal law governing privacy
  • FFVP
    Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

  • FHA
    Functional Hearing Assessment
    Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
  • FPP
    Financial Policies and Procedures
    Front Range Urban Media Professionals
  • FSCS
    Federal-State Cooperative System
  • FSCP
    Family, School, and Community Partnering
  • FTE
    Full Time Equivalent
  • FTL
    Following the Leaders (program from the Education Leaders Council)
  • FVA
    Functional Visual Assessment
  • FY
    Fiscal Year - the fiscal year begins July 1 and ends June 30 the following year

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  • GAO
    Government Accounting Office
  • GED
    General Educational Development
  • GEPA
    General Education Provisions Act
  • GFM
    Grants Fiscal Management (now Office of Grants Fiscal)

  • GIS
    Geographic Information Services
  • GPRA
    Government Performance Results Act
  • GT
    Gifted and Talented

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  • HESL
    Highly Effective School Libraries
    Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act
  • HIP
    Helping Improve Parents
  • HLM
    Hierarchical Linear Model
    Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act
  • HKNC
    Helen Keller National Center

    Help One Student to Succeed
    Highly Objective Uniform State Standard of Evaluation
  • HPRLSS (no longer in use)
    High Plains Regional Library Service System
  • HQT
    Highly Qualified Teacher
  • HS
    High School

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  • IASA
    Improving America’s Schools Act – 1994 federal law
  • ICAP
    Individual Career and Academic Plan
  • ICC
    Interagency Coordinating Council
  • ID
    Intellectual Disability
  • IDEA
    Individuals with Disabilities Education Act - federal law regarding educating students with disabilities
  • IDEA-B
    Individuals with Disabilities Education Act – Part B
  • IEE
    Independent Educational Evaluation
  • IEP
    Individualized Education Program
  • IES
    Institute of Education Sciences
  • IFC
    Intellectual Freedom Committee
  • IFSP
    Individualized Family Service Plan
  • IHE
    Institution of Higher Education
  • ILL
    Interlibrary Loan
  • ILP
    Individual Literacy Plan – the Colorado Basic Literacy Act requires an ILP for any student not reading at grade level by third grade
  • IMLS
    Institute of Museum and Library Services

  • IMP
    Interactive Mathematics Program
  • IMS
    Information Management Systems
  • IPBS
    Integrated Performance and Benchmarking System
  • IPS
    Individualized Planning Sessions
  • IPT
    Idea Proficiency Test
  • IQ
    Intelligence Quotient
  • IRA
    International Reading Association
  • IRB
    Internal Review Board
  • IRI
    Informal Reading Inventory
  • ISBN
    International Standard Book Number
  • ISP
    Internet Service Provider
  • ISSN
    International Standard Serial Number
  • ITA
    Individual Training Accounts - Workforce Investment Act funds used to pay for training; or a voucher system established under WIA. It is part of the set of services available to those customers needing specific occupational skill attainment.
  • ITBS
    Iowa Test of Basic Skills
  • ITP
    Individual Transition Plan

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  • J (at the end of a school district name)
    Joint, crosses county lines.
  • JT (at the end of a school district name)
    Joint, crosses county lines.

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No acronyms starting with this letter

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  • LD
    Learning Disability(ies)
  • LD
    Learning Disabled
  • LD
    Library District
  • LEA
    Local Educational Agency – official school district
  • LEP
    Limited English Proficient
    Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling
  • LMA
    Learning Media Assessment

  • LMC
    Library Media Center School and Library Division (E-rate)
  • LMI
    Labor Market Information - The cornerstone of Colorado’s delivery system for employment statistics.
  • LM/Ts
    Lesson Maps and Templates
  • LRE
    Least Restrictive Environment
  • LRS
    Library Research Service
  • LSTA
    Library Services and Technology Act

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  • MARC
    Machine Readable Cataloging
  • MBQC
    Malcolm Baldrige Quality Criteria - Named for the late U.S. Secretary of Commerce, a national program to stimulate companies to become competitive in the area of quality management using leadership, strategic planning, customer and market focus, information and analysis, human resources, process management, and business results.
  • McREL
    Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning
  • MD
    Multiple Disabilities
  • MGP
    Median Growth Percentile

  • MLS
    Master of Library Science
  • MNT
    Multi-use Network
  • MOU
    Memorandum of Understanding
    Mountain Plains Adult Education Association
    Mountain Plains Regional Resource Center
  • MS
    Middle School
  • MSP
    Mathematics and Science Partnerships
  • MTSS
    Multi-Tiered System of Supports

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  • N/D
    Neglected or Delinquent
  • N/T
    National Association of Charter School Authorizers
    National Association for the Education of Young Children
    National Association of State Directors of Special Education
    National Association of Federal Education Program Administrators
    National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources
  • NAEP
    National Assessment of Educational Progress (Used to assess a sample of students in each state annually in 4th and 8th grade reading and math)
  • NAPT
    National Association for Pupil Transportation
  • NARF
    National Association for Reading First
    National Association of State Title I Directors
    National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services
  • NCES
    National Center for Educational Statistics
  • NCIP
    National Children’s Internet Protection Act
  • NCTM
    National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

  • NCLB
    No Child Left Behind
    No Child Left Behind Act
    National Council for Library and Information Science
    North Central Regional Educational Laboratory
    National Early Childhood Technical Assistance System
  • NGS
    New Generation System
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
    National Instructional Materials Access Center
    National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard
  • NISO
    National Information Standards Organization
  • NPSO
    National Post-School Outcomes Center
  • NRS
    National Reporting System for Adult Education
  • NRS
    Network and Resource Sharing
  • NSLP
    National School Lunch Program
    National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center
  • NTAC
    National Technical Assistance Consortium

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  • OAO
    Operational Advice and Oversight
  • OCD
    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • OCLC
    Online Computer Library Center
  • OCR
    Office for Civil Rights
  • ODD
    Oppositional Defiant Disorder
    Office of Early Learning and School Readiness
  • OES
    Office of Educational Services
  • OESC
    Office of Educational Services Council
  • OFPA
    Office of Federal Program Administration
  • OLE
    Online Education
  • O&M
    Orientation and Mobility

  • OMS
    Office of Management Services
  • OPAC
    Online Public Access Catalog
  • OPS
    Office of Professional Services
  • OSEP
    Office of Special Education Programs
    Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services
  • OSN
    Office of School Nutrition
  • OSS
    Office of Special Services, now know as Office of Federal Programs
  • OT
    Occupational Therapy
  • OTL
    Opportunity to Learn

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  • PA
    Phonemic Awareness
  • PACT
    Parent and Child Together Time
  • PAMS
    Planning and Management System
    Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers
  • Part B
    Special Education - School-Aged Children (Ages 3-21)
  • Part C
    Special Education Early Intervention - Birth through 2 Years Old
  • PBIS
    Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
  • PBS
    Positive Behavior Support (new name: see Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS))
  • PC
    Perceptual-Communicative Criteria
  • PCD
    Perceptual Communicative Disorder
    Public Charter School Grant Program
  • PCSP
    Public Charter School Program
  • PD
    Physical Disability
  • PD
    Professional Development
  • PDAS
    Professional Development and Academic Support
  • PDD
    Professional Development District
  • PDS
    Professional Development School
    Professional Development and School Support
  • PEBC
    Public Education Business Coalition
  • PEAK
    Parent Education and Assistance for Kids
  • PEER
    Prompts the child to say something about the book, Evaluates the response, Expands the child's response, Repeats the prompt. Dialogic reading prompts.
  • PEP
    Parents Encouraging Parents
  • PFL
    Payment for Lending

  • PI
    Prevention Initiatives
  • PI’d
    Postponed Indefinitely (legislative term meaning bill is dead)
  • PII
    Personally Identifiable Information
  • PIRC
    Parent Information and Resource Center
  • PITA
    Priority Improvement or Turnaround. Refers to school and/or district’s annual ratings on the annual Performance Framework.
  • PL
    Public Law
  • PL
    Public Library
    Program for Licensing Assessments for Colorado Educators
  • PLC
    Professional Learning Community
  • PPA
    Per Pupil Allocation
  • PPOR
    Per Pupil Operating Revenue
  • PPR
    Per Pupil Revenue
  • PREL
    Pacific Regional Educational Labs
  • PSAT
    Pre-Stanford Achievement Test
  • PsD
    Preschool Disability
  • PSF
    Public School Finance
  • PSFU
    Public School Finance Unit
  • PSRP
    Paraprofessionals and School-Related Personnel
  • PT
    Physical Therapy
  • PTO
    Parent-Teacher Organization
  • PTP
    Personnel Technological Proficiency

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  • QZAB
    Qualified Zone Academy Bonds

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  • R (at the end of a school district name)
  • R2A
    Read to Achieve
  • RAC
    Regional Assistance Center
  • RAD
    Reactive Attachment Disorder
  • RE
  • RE (at the end of a school district name)
  • REA
    Reading Excellence Act
  • READ Act
    Reading to Ensure Academic Development Act
  • REAP
    Rural Education Achievement Program
  • RF
    Reading First
  • RFI
    Request for Information

  • RFP
    Request for Proposal
  • RISC
    Re-Inventing Schools Coalition
  • RISE
    Relevant Information to Strengthen Education
  • RITS
    Record Integration Tracking System
  • RM
    Results Matter
  • RPDC
    Regional Professional Development Council
  • RST
    Regional Service Team
  • RtI
    Response to Intervention

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  • SA
    State Advisory Council for Parent Involvement in Education
  • SAGE
    Service-learning and Geographic Engagement
  • SAR
    School Accountability Report
  • SAR
    Supervisory Assistance Review of a District’s Transportation Department
  • SASA
    Student Achievement and School Accountability
    State Assigned Student Identifier Numbers.
  • SAT
    Stanford Achievement Test
  • SAU
    Student Assessment Unit
  • SBD
    Student Biographical Data
  • SBE
    State Board of Education
  • SBP
    School Breakfast Program
  • SBRR
    Scientifically Based Reading Research
    State Collaborative on Assessment and Student Standards
    Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities
  • SDI
    Safety and Discipline Indicators
  • SEA
    State Educational Agency (see CDE)
  • SEAP
    Special Education Advisory Panel
  • SEC
    Surveys of Enacted Curriculum
  • Section 619
    Special Education 3-5 Years Old
  • SEDL
    Southwest Educational Development Laboratory
  • SEE
    Special Educator Eligibility
    Special Education Fiscal Advisory Committee
  • SEP
    Student Educational Plan- An individualized plan for instruction that assists a learner in achieving his/her goals.
  • SES
    Supplemental Educational Services
  • SFA
    School Finance Act
  • SFSP
    Summer Food Service Program
  • SI
    Sensory Integration
  • S/I
  • SIED
    Significant Identifiable Emotional Disability
  • SIG
    School Improvement Grant
  • SILC
    Supporting Inclusive Learning Communities
  • SIP
    School Improvement Plan
  • SIP
    State Improvement Plan
  • SLD
    School and Library Division (E-rate)
  • SLD
    Specific Learning Disabilities

  • SLDS
    Statewide Longitudinal Data System
  • SLI
    Speech or Language Impairment
  • SLIC
    Significant Limited Intellectual Capacity
  • SLP
    Speech Language Pathologist
    Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent
    Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Research-based, Time-phased
  • SMP
    Special Milk Program
  • SOA
    School of Accountability
  • SOP
    State Operated Program
  • S/P
  • SPDG
    State Personnel Development Grant
  • SPED
    Special Education
  • SPF
    School Performance Frameworks
  • SPL
    State Publications Library
  • SPL
    Student Performance Level
  • SPP
    State Performance Plan
  • SRO
    School Resource Officer
  • SRSA
    Small Rural School Achievement
  • SSAS
    Statewide System for Accountability and Support
  • SSN
    Significant Support Needs
  • SST
    School Support Team
    School Support Team Evaluation Program
  • SSW
    School Social Work Services
  • STAR
    Standardized Test for Assessment of Reading
  • STAR
    State Top Achievement Recognition
  • STC
    School to Career
  • STEM
    Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics
  • SW
    Statewide Assistive, Augmentative Alternative Communication
  • SWAP
    Southwest Assessment Partners
  • SWAP
    School to Work Alliance Program
  • SWCC
    Southwest Comprehensive Center
  • SWD
    Students with Disabilities
    Statewide Interlibrary Loan Fast Track
  • SWP
    Schoolwide Program (Schoolwide at CDE means that non-Title I students are included)

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  • TA
    Targeted Assistance (Title I)
  • TA
    Technical Assistance
  • TAAS
    Texas Assessment of Academic Skills
  • TABE
    Tests of Adult Basic Education
    Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights
  • TAC
    Transportation Advisory Council
  • TANF
    Temporary Assistance to Needy Families - Also known as welfare or AFDC, a time-limited program specific to low-income families.
  • TAP
    Transition Action Plan
  • TAS
    Targeted Assistance School
    Title I Accountability Systems and School Improvement Efforts
  • TBI
    Traumatic Brain Injury
  • TCAP
    Transitional Colorado Assessment Program
  • TCPU
    Transportation, Communications and Public Utilities
  • TDD
    Telecommunications Device for the Deaf
  • TDG
    Teacher Development Grants
  • TDIP
    Targeted District Improvement Partnership
  • TELL
    Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning

  • TIE
    Technology in Education
  • TIG
    Tiered Intervention Grant
    Third International Mathematics and Science Study
  • TIR
    Teacher in Residence
  • TLAP
    Technology Literacy Assessment Program
  • TLF
    Technology Leadership Forum
  • TLCF
    Old acronym for Technology Literacy Challenge Fund which has been replaced by E2T2 –Enhancing Education through Technology
  • TNTP
    The New Teacher Project
  • ToD
    Teacher of the Deaf
  • TOSA
    Teacher on Special Assignment
  • TOT
    Training of Trainers
  • TP
    Transition Plan
  • TSCP
    Technical Support Consultant Program
  • TSDL
    Teacher-Student Data Link
  • TTE
    Temporary Teacher Eligibility
  • TTY
    TeleType or Text Telephone
  • TVI
    Teacher of Students Who Are Visually Impaired

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  • UCD
    University of Colorado at Denver
  • UIP
    Unified Improvement Planning
  • ULC
    Urban Libraries Council
  • UNC
    University of Northern Colorado

  • USAC
    Universal Service Administrative Company
  • USDE
    United States Department of Education
    United States Department of Education

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  • VD
    Visually Disabled
  • VI
    Visually Impaired
  • VR
    Vocational Rehabilitation

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  • WBPD
    Web-based Professional Development
  • WDC
    Workforce Development Council
  • WIA
    Workforce Investment Act
  • WIB
    Workforce Investment Boards

  • WISE
    Web-based Inquiry Science Environment
  • WLN
    Western Library Network
  • WRAT
    Wide Range Achievement Test

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