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Gifted Education

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About the Office of Gifted Education

The Office of Gifted Education administers the state's Exceptional Children's Educational Act (ECEA) in the Colorado Revised Statutes.

Administrative Units (AUs) oversee and provide educational services to gifted students. An AU is defined as a school district, a board of cooperative educational services (BOCES), or the state Charter School Institute (CSI). The Office of Gifted Education provides AUs guidance for implementation of their gifted program plan and collaborates with the AU to monitor implementation of key requirements of ECEA.

Partnerships with gifted educators, students, families, organizations, and the Gifted Education State Advisory Committee contribute to implementation design and continued improvements in gifted education.


All gifted students will receive rigorous, culturally inclusive, evidenced-based academic and affective educational opportunities to develop their exceptionalities, leading to fulfilling and productive lives.


To provide evidence-based support to Administrative Units related to the implementation of ECEA gifted education rules and state statute to ensure equity and opportunity for every gifted student, every step of the way.

Equity Plan

The Office of Gifted Education leadership is committed to learning more, taking action, and advocating for change to create a more inclusive organization a more equitable school system where regardless of skin color, heritage language, socioeconomic status, disability, or gender identity, students with gifts and talents have access to equal and equitable opportunities in their lives. 


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