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Colorado State Model Performance Management System

Pilot districts of the Colorado State Model Evaluation System revealed the challenges of managing paperwork inherent in implementing new educator evaluation system and asked CDE if a data management system, that would streamline this paperwork burden, could be made available. As a result, in March 2013, CDE conducted an open bid and review process for selection of the vendor to create an online performance management system. RANDA was selected through that competitive process. RANDA is a private corporation. It is not affiliated with nor has it received funding from the Gates Foundation.

The Colorado State Model Performance Management System is an optional tool that will support districts in the implementation, data collection and effective use of the Colorado State Model Evaluation System. The Colorado State Model Performance Management System will be ready for the 2014-2015 school year. The performance management system will include electronic interfaces and data collection tools for the state model evaluation rubrics, measures of student learning/outcomes, final effectiveness ratings, and aggregate reports to support principals and district leaders to provide useful and actionable feedback and possible professional development opportunities for educators. For more information, please download our fact sheet.

Note: The use of RANDA to support districts in their implementation is completely optional. Districts do not have to participate in RANDA even if they want to use the state model evaluation system.

Sign-up to use the Colorado State Model Performance Management System

The Colorado State Model Performance Management System (as designed) is free for districts/BOCES using the state model system. CDE plans to sustain the licensing costs to support districts/BOCES that adopt the RANDA powered system. However, if a district wants to further customize elements of the system beyond the state contract, districts will need to work with RANDA directly to determine pricing for local enhancements.To sign up, your district will need to fill out the "Intent to Implement form."

Please contact Joslyn Robich for more information at


Training and Support

Full day trainings to understand the Colorado State Model Performance Management System will be offered this spring/summer. For a full list of training opportunities, please visit the COPMS Trainings webpage.

To listen to an archived verision of the town halls, click on the links below.

Resources for Colorado State Model Performance Management System Users

To begin using the system, each district needs to create an Excel file with all users they anticipate entering the system. Districts may either use a user upload template or submit one with the equivalent information as an export from their HR system. Districts may submit templates through October. Once a template is submitted, it will take one week to process before users can enter the system.

The Educator Effectiveness team has created three separate webinars outlining the process of creating Measures of Student Learning/Outcomes within the system, each outlining a different way to approach releasing MSL/MSO templates:

To learn more about the charts and reports function in the State Model Performance Management System, watch the webinar below. 

For more information on LAMs and their roles, please visit the CDE Identity Management webpage

Advisory Council

In May 2013, CDE asked educators invested in the Colorado State Model Evaluation System to join the Colorado State Model Performance Management SystemAdvisory Council to better inform the development of this tool. Advisory Council participants have had the opportunity to learn more about the online system development and participate in feedback sessions via webinar.

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