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Charter School Support Initiative

The Colorado School Support Initiative (CSSI)


The Colorado School Support Initiative (CSSI) mirrors the Colorado Title I School Support evaluation process and CDE’s School Quality rubric.  Specially trained teams of education experts provide schools a comprehensive evaluation based on The Standards-Based Teaching/Learning Cycle (second edition) research basis and the Colorado Standards and Indicators for Continuous School Improvement.
For charter schools, CDE has added a 9th standard covering board leadership and an 10th standard addressing charter school financial practices.  CCSP subgrantees are expected to participate in a CSSI site visit during the final year of their grant.  The purpose of engaging in this process is to set a course for self-improvement in the early years of development. The CSSI process begins with an intensive three day site visit, after which the school receives a detailed report based on the rubric, with recommendations for research-based steps to improve school performance. 

CSSI Orientation Webinar   (Updated July 2020)


Grant funds may be used to cover the costs associated with the site visit and subsequent implementation of the plan for improvement developed by the charter school based on the CSSI team’s report.  The cost of the site visit will be dependent on the size of the school and the size of the site visit team.