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High School Equivalency Testing Program


Colorado contracts with vendors of three high school equivalency examinations

The Colorado Department of Education signed contracts with vendors of three high school equivalency examinations, providing Colorado residents seeking a high school equivalency exam a range of options never before available.

For nearly 50 years only one high school equivalency exam existed, GED. Now, Colorado will have three options, including GED.

To give students more options to attain a high school equivalency diploma, the Colorado State Board of Education in December 2015 directed CDE staff to enter into contract negotiations with vendors of two other examinations. Recently, Colorado Education Commissioner Rich Crandall signed contracts with all three vendors – GED, HiSET and TASC.

CDE-approved testing centers may choose to administer one or more of the high school equivalency exams at their discretion. For centers that choose to offer HiSET or TASC, these examinations are not expected to be available for three to six months as vendors finalize agreements with testing centers and the centers put in place the required security parameters. The vendors are responsible for working directly with CDE-approved testing facilities to coordinate the administration of the examinations.

High School Equivalency Testing Program Fact Sheet - New!

The Colorado State Board of Education approves the high school equivalency examinations utilized in Colorado to measure major outcomes and concepts associated with high school education. There are three state board approved high school equivalency examinations in Colorado: GED, HiSET, and TASC. The Colorado High School Equivalency Diploma is awarded for successful completion of one of these approved examinations.  Please see the new High School Equivalency Testing Program Fact Sheet for more information about high school equivalency testing in Colorado, including information on each examination including: cost, content areas, and scoring. 

GED Resources for Students and Educators

A summary of resources has been compiled for students and educators exploring the GED exam as a pathway to earning the High School Equivalency Diploma. This summary of resources includes information on the exam, how to schedule, preparation materials, and professional development materials. Click here to view the GED Resources for Students and Educators document (PDF).

GED Data Report, Fiscal Year 2014-15

A report was recently released capturing data on the participation and outcomes of Colorado GED testers during fiscal year 2014-15. The data covers Colorado GED testers from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015. Data is also disaggregated by age groups to capture data specific to youth (16-21 yrs old) and working adults (25+ yrs old). Click here to view the GED Participation and Outcomes FY 2014-15 Report (PDF).

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