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Colorado Charter Schools

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News & Updates

Calling all Charter School Superstars

Do you know a favorite colleague that is knocking it out of the park and deserves recognition? Do you have stories of school projects and ideas that you just know others will love? What partnerships have you observed that are making an impact on kids or changes to practices that have increased attendance retention and student outcomes? We’d love to shine a light on your best practices or celebrate your teacher in CDE’s weekly communications! Please send your stories and pictures to: and we will work to get your 15 minutes of fame in the news.

State Board of Education invites public comments on transportation rulemaking

Proposed technical changes would ensure the rules (1 CCR 301-25 and 1 CCR 301-26) reflect federal regulations, state statutes, and best practices for safe transportation of students. The board welcomes public comment at its August meeting; find more information about the meeting and public comment on our website

Landscape of Wellbeing and Belonging Conference

Save the date for our 2024 Landscape of Wellbeing and Belonging Conference in Colorado Springs. The conference will focus on addressing the social, emotional, and comprehensive wellness needs of students, staff, and families.

Save the dates for school safety trainings

The Enhancing School Safety Regional Training will explore the fundamentals of preventing school violence by emphasizing the creation of systems and structures essential for positive school environments. Participants will engage in a collaborative session to identify, integrate, and align evidence-based school violence prevention strategies. Registration details will be posted soon on the Preventing School Violence webpage

Friday, Aug. 2: Adam’s State University in Alamosa
Friday, Sept. 20: Northeastern Junior College in Sterling
TBD: Western Slope

For more information email Preventing School Violence at


Opportunity, Access, and Inclusion Resources

STEM Educators who identify as BIPOC: Education and Business Coalition B.E.S.T. Conference

Experience the B.E.S.T. conference June 29-30 in Denver! Throughout the two-day conference, BIPOC educators in STEM fields will connect, discuss challenges, and build strength and a sense of community to bring back to their schools. Participants raved about the energy and healing they experienced last year at BEST!
And, of course, if you just want to learn more about PEBC, we’d love to connect with you! Our team is thriving in their work to ensure excellent educators for each and every learner! Shoot us an email if you’d like to get involved and we’ll be in touch,
CDE Equity Tool Kit
Imagine a school where ALL the children are loved and challenged, where the educators are empowered and where families and communities are seen as critical partners. Each of us is uniquely positioned to create a learning environment that honors the talents and gifts of each student so that they are prepared to thrive in their careers, in their homes and in their greater communities. This toolkit has been designed to give school leaders the tools and resources needed to capitalize on those unique strengths that foster supportive and effective relationships wherein the community works together to mitigate barriers to success. We designed this toolkit to support you and your community as you further build a learning environment where every student and every educator is supported to find success.

This toolkit is designed to provide user-friendly information and resources to support school and district leaders in centering equity in their work to support positive outcomes for the students they serve. We are all in different phases of our equity journey, and that’s okay. You are already off to a great start because you are here, you are reading, and you are open. We hope this toolkit supports you on your quest to create welcoming environments where all students and families feel a sense of belonging and all students are supported to achieve success.  Visit the CDE Equity Tool Kit.