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Curriculum Overview Samples Organized By Content Area

This page provides convenient access to all of the teacher-authored curriculum overview samples created during Colorado's District Sample Curriculum Project.  Users can easily navigate to a specific content area of insterest by clicking on the name listed below.  

NEW RESOURCES! Instructional Unit Samples are now available for select overviews.

Are you looking for all content areas in a specific grade level?  Visit our Curriculum Overview Samples Organized by Grade Level page.

To learn more about this project please visit the following pages:

Questions related to Colorado's District Sample Curriculum Project should be directed to Brian Sevier.


 Drama and Theatre Arts

  • High School
    • Part One: Scripted Works, Character Development, Technical Theatre 
      (Word or PDF)
    • Part Two: Ensemble Building, Sketch Comedy, Acting Styles, Theatre History 
      (Word or PDF)
    • Film/Media Arts 
      (Word or PDF)
  • 8th Grade (Word or PDF)
  • 7th Grade (Word or PDF)
  • 6th Grade (Word or PDF)
  • 5th Grade (Word or PDF)
  • 4th Grade (Word or PDF)
  • 3rd Grade (Word or PDF)
  • 2nd Grade (Word or PDF)
  • 1st Grade (Word or PDF)
  • Kindergarten (Word or PDF)

 Comprehensive Health

 Physical Education



 Reading, Writing and Communicating


 Social Studies

 Visual Arts

World Languages Units

  • Intermediate-Mid
    • What do I want to be when I grow up? (Word or PDF)
    • Invention and Innovation (Word or PDF)
  • Intermediate-Low
  • Novice-High
    • A Reason to Celebrate (Word or PDF)
    • Stories, Legends and Fables (Word or PDF)

  • Novice-Mid
  • Novice-Low
    • Let's Hang Out (Word or PDF)
    • Who am I in a Global World? (Word or PDF)

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