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Standards and Instructional Support Contacts

Office of Standards and Instructional Support

Director: Karol Gates
Office: 303-866-6576
Cell: 720-202-9268


Visual and Performing Arts

Content Specialist Team 

Judi Hofmeister: Dance/Drama and Theatre Arts   
Cell: 303-332-3365
Carla Aguilar: Music 
Cell: 303-615-0105
Donna Goodwin: Visual Arts
Cell: 720-480-6669

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Content Specialist: Raymond Johnson
Office: 303-866-6582

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Physical Education

Content Specialist: Jamie Hurley
Office: 303-866-6453
Cell: 303-910-3901 

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Content Specialist: Joanna Bruno
Office: 303-866-6571
Cell: 303-919-3907

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World Languages

Content Specialist:  Lourdes "Lulu" Buck
Office:  303-866-6198
Cell:  720-357-4167

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Comprehensive Health

Content Specialist: Jamie Hurley
Office: 303-866-6453
Cell: 303-910-3901

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Computer Science

Content Specialist: Christine Liebe
Cell: 303-957-6565

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Personal Financial Literacy (PFL)

PFL is embedded economics within the social studies standards. Questions may be directed to the social studies content specialist found on this page.

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Reading, Writing and Communicating

Content Specialist: Olivia Gillepsie
Office: 303-866-6583
Cell: 720-920-1298

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Social Studies

Content Specialist: Stephanie Hartman
Office: 303-866-6577
Cell: 720-498-2084

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English Language Proficiency

Office of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education

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Extended Evidence Outcomes

Exceptional Student Services Unit | Access, Learning and Literacy and Significant Support Needs and Deafblindness Specialist: Gina Herrera
Office: 303-866-6605

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