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Office of Standards and Instructional Support

About SIS

The Office of Standards and Instructional Support (SIS) consists of full-time and part-time staff of content specialists with expertise in all areas within the Colorado Academic Standards. This team is committed to supporting education professionals across the state in implementing the Colorado Academic Standards (CAS) for student success. The team provides guidance and expertise through technical assistance, both internally and externally, related to standards implementation and instructional support.

News and Announcements

High-Impact Tutoring Grant Program

The High-Impact Tutoring Program exists to provide grants to local education providers to implement high-impact tutoring programs prioritizing rural, low-income or underserved students to address student learning loss or unfinished learning resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Colorado Department of Education is now accepting applications from eligible local education providers for the High-Impact Tutoring Program Grant.  For more information, go to the program page.

Colorado Academic Standards Review and Revision

Academic standards in social studies, dance, drama/theatre arts, music, and visual arts are being revised in 2021-2022, as a result of a new standards revision schedule required under House Bill 20-1032 (section C.R.S. 22-7-1005(6)) passed during the 2020 legislative session. We encourage all stakeholders to contribute comments about the current standards by emailing the department at any time during the revision process Visit the individual content area pages for specific dates and times of revision committee meetings.

The Holocaust and Genocide Studies Resource Bank

NEW! The Holocaust and Genocide Resource Bank is now available. This resource bank is the work of the Holocaust and Genocide Studies Committee. The committee used a vetting tool to determine the quality, usability, and alignment with the Holocaust and Genocide standards for the selection of collection resources.

Content Areas



comprehensive health

physical education

social studies

computer science

reading, writing, and communicating

world languages

financial literacy


Resources in Response to COVID-19 

The Office of Standards and Instructional Support has contributed to resources that support educators during these unprecedented times. The following are the most requested areas to find answers to frequently asked questions. In addition, a frequent question our office receives is in regard to priority standards. Our office implements legislation and current legislation does not prioritize specific grade-level expectations in any content area. Therefore, we operate to assist districts in implementing standards that are adopted by the State Board of Education in all content areas. Curricular decisions are made at the local level.

NEW! (August 2021) How should schools use COVID relief funds to make long-term investments in curriculum and instruction? This short guide has recommendations about investing in personnel, using evidence to select high-quality curriculum materials, implementing strong PD programs, and more.