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Colorado Standards - Academic Standards

The Colorado Academic Standards (CAS) are the expectations of what students need to know and be able to do at the end of each grade. They also stand as the values and content organizers of what Colorado sees as the future skills and essential knowledge for our next generation to be more successful. State standards are the basis of the annual state assessment.  Additional background information can be found within our Communication Resources.

To better support standards users, the Office of Standards and Instructional Support has arranged the Colorado Academic Standards to fit individual users and their specific goals.

Complete Content Area Printable Books

* Corrections were made to the electronically posted Social Studies standards in 6-8th grades.  These changes were made to ensure consistency across versions (hard copy, electronic with EEOs, electronic without EEOs, and vertical progressions), as well as correct misaligned Prepared Graduate Competencies and Grade Level Expectations. The changes do not add or delete any content. The update will only impact school districts with standards-based reporting systems that use the CAS coding systemClick here to see the tracked changes. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Online Standards System

Our Online Standards system employs filters the Colorado Academic Standards to support the user's goals. There are three filters currently available:

  1. Select a Content Area: Select a specific content area and view all standards from preschool through high school
  2. Select a Grade Level: Filter the P-12 standards in a content area to view only one grade level
  3. Prepared Graduate Competency (PGC): Click on a PGC within the standards to view the vertical progression of learning to achieve mastery by graduation.

Note: If you are a first time user, we recommend that you review the introduction of the standards found on content specific sub-webs or at the beginning of each printable book.

Grade Level Specific Booklets

A new feature of our website include individual grade level specific standards booklets in each content area. Find these and much more information on content specific sub-webs. Click here for quick access to all grade level booklets.