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Science Education Updates and Events:

  • Upcoming Educator Events, Student Opportunities, and General Announcements:
    • Congratulations to the 2024 Colorado K-6 Science Finalists for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching: 

      • Teri Crump - STEM Lab School, Adams 12 Five Star Schools 

      • Allison LeWarne - Sunset Elementary School, Moffat School District

      • Tracy Voreis - Challenge School, Cherry Creek School District

    • Save the Date for the Colorado Science Conference happening October 25th @ CSU Spur. Learn more about attending, presenting, and/or exhibiting by accessing this link

    • Join the Colorado Science Educator's Network for Colorado’s first ‘Un’Conference: a virtual time to connect with other educators in the state and take away learning nuggets! Participants will be able to engage in 3 different short sessions, and walk away with tools to take back! Join us for this informal and fun collaborative event. Access the event flyer here. Sign up to attend here

    • OERColorado May Webinar Series

      What’s the word? OER is the word! Openly-licensed Educational Resources (OER) for all educators can save schools money and allow teachers the ability to adapt free resources to their classroom context. Open Education is the movement to reduce cost and other barriers to knowledge, making education more accessible to all. 

      -What Are Open Educational Resources (OER) on May 7, 2024

      -Adapting Open Educational Resources (OER) on May 14, 2024

      -Vetting and Adopting Open Educational Resources (OER) Oct 1, 2024      

      -Open Educational Resources (OER) Leadership and Advocacy Oct 8, 2024

      Visit the curriculum library to see how our resources can support your classroom and school! Email us at

    • Attend the B.E.S.T (BIPOC Educational STEM Thinkers) Conference, presented by the Public Education and Business Coalition (PEBC), on June 29-30 at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Access more information and register here. 

    • Science Standards revision will take place in the Spring of 2025



Shortcuts to Additional Resources:

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Academic Standards

The revised Colorado Academic Standards for Science reflect a new vision for science education that connects scientific knowledge, in authentic ways, to real-world problem solving and innovation. The standards forefront scientific practices that go beyond the inquiry process to arrive at justifiable rationales for interpretations of phenomena. 

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Curriculum Support

Article IX, Section 16 of Colorado's constitution states, "Neither the general assembly nor the state board of education shall have power to prescribe textbooks to be used in the public schools." However, CDE can still serve as an advisor to help districts and schools adopt, adapt, develop, or use the materials of their choice. 

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Instructional Support

Colorado's 2020 Science Standards support a three-dimensional model of science teaching and learning. Instructional support is grounded in CDE's shared approach to Best, First Instruction and strategies supported by professional organizations and scholars. 

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There are many opportunities to connect and grow as a professional educator with the larger science education community, including mailing lists, professional organizations, awards and grants, and events. 

Additional Information 

Learn more about CMAS Science here.

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