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Academic Development


When students engage in Academic Development, they develop and master essential skills and standards.  


Colorado Academic Standards

- are broad goals that articulate what students should know, understand, and be able to do over a given time period; they are the foundation of teaching and learning.

icons for Colorado academic standards


Essential Skills 

- are embedded in Colorado Academic Standards and are necessary to enter the workforce or continue education beyond high school; they include skills such as critical thinking, creativity, self-direction, cultural awareness, time management and self-advocacy.  These skills are grouped under four core categories to add greater clarity to the dispositions that all graduates should demonstrate:

Entrepreneurial: Critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and innovation, inquiry and analysis, risk taking

Personal: Initiative and self-direction, personal responsibility and self- management, adaptability and flexibility, personal awareness, learn independently, perseverance

Civic/Interpersonal: Core academic foundation, collaboration and teamwork, communication, global and cultural awareness, ethics and integrity

Professional: Time management, career literacy, grit and resilience, work ethic; dependable and reliable, self-advocacy


PWR Initiatives and Programs

- provide opportunities for students/learners to demonstrate Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness (PWR) through Graduation Guidelines measures


ICAP is a foundational tool for Graduation Guidelines

Here are a few examples of district graduation policies that are aligned with Graduation Guidelines


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