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The resources listed here are selected to assist parents and students in their school-related needs.

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State Assessments

Colorado Measures of Academic Success

  • What to Expect for the 2020-21 School Year (PDF) - This fact sheet explains how the state assessments students take every year are aligned with the Colorado Academic Standards and how they help determine if students have mastered grade-level expectations.
  • At a Glance 2020-21 (PDF) - This fact sheet includes a chart that shows which state assessments students take based on grade level and the total time students in each grade will spend taking tests.

Parents may excuse their children from taking the state tests

​​Colorado law requires school districts have policies that allow parents to excuse their child from state assessments. The law prohibits districts from asking parents to opt their children in to the tests. Additionally, districts may not “encourage the student’s parent to excuse the student from taking the state assessment." Please reach out to your district for opt-out directions. Districts cannot impose negative consequences on students or parents if a parent excuses his or her student from participating in an assessment, including prohibiting school attendance, imposing an unexcused absence, or prohibiting participation in extracurricular activities. Likewise, districts cannot impose unreasonable burdens or requirements on a student to discourage the student from taking an assessment or to encourage the student’s parent to excuse his/her child from the assessment.  

It is important to note that non-participation in state assessments means parents will not have information about their child’s attainment and growth on the state standards compared to other students in their school, district and state.  Also, there is a chance that comparisons between schools and districts won’t be available as common state assessments are the most consistent way to compare performance right now.

ACCESS for English Language Learners Testing Fact Sheet

​The ACCESS for English Language Learners tests are given each year to help parents, teachers and school leaders understand the progress emerging bilingual students are making in learning English. Read this fact sheet to learn more about State ACCESS tests during COVID-19.  English (PDF) l Spanish (PDF)

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CDE launches campaign on importance of reading to children at home

To increase awareness of the importance of early literacy, the Colorado Department of Education launched a public information campaign to encourage and empower parents to make reading part of their daily routine with their children. website

Spring 2021 Tentative Colorado State Assessment Windows

While there is still uncertainty and ambiguity surrounding how the COVID-19 pandemic will impact this year’s instructional settings, a typical state assessment administration season is currently scheduled to resume in spring 2021 as required by state and federal law.

As with most aspects of education, state assessments may need to be adjusted in response to COVID-19 conditions. We will continue to monitor state and federal assessment requirements and expectations as the school year progresses across Colorado and as COVID-19 responses evolve this year. As always, District Assessment Coordinators will be the main point of contact for assessment information, including any changes to the schedule.

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