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Mental Health

According to the Surgeon General’s Report on Mental Health (1999) an estimated one in five students will experience a mental health problem during their school years, with 11% experiencing significant mental health impairment. With such a significant proportion of students experiencing social/emotional problems, it is important for school personnel to know about the supports that students need to benefit from education. Research supports the fact that a positive school climate and effective interventions can contribute to improved student achievement.

Tools and Resources

  • ABC's of Young Children's Well-Being (PDF)
  • Red Flags of Adolescent Behavior (PDF)
  • Guide to School Mental Health Services, June 2007 (BEING REVISED)
    Developed by the Exceptional Student Services Unit at CDE, a “Guide to School Mental Health Services” is designed to assist school personnel, students and their families in understanding and accessing mental health services in school and during transition from school. 

    For parents and school staff who may have questions about the mental health services available in schools and how to access these supports, the guide begins with a description of the signs that a student may need mental health services and describes how an initial referral is made. In addition to providing vignettes of students with different kinds of mental health issues, it discusses what to do if more intensive services are needed. 

    The differences between school mental health services and those provided by community mental health centers are explained along with examples of how the schools and community agencies can collaborate to provide services. The mental health needs of students preparing to transition from school to adult services are also discussed.


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