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Family and Community Guides to the Colorado Academic Standards

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Working Together: To support families, communities, and teachers in realizing the goals of the Colorado Academic Standards (CAS), these guides provide overviews of the learning expectations for preschool through high school. These guides offer some learning experiences students may engage in at school that may also be supported at home.

Why Standards? Created by Coloradans for Colorado students, the Colorado Academic Standards provide a grade-by-grade road map to help ensure students are successful in college, careers, and life. The standards aim to improve what students learn and how they learn in 12 content areas while emphasizing critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, collaboration, and communication as essential skills for life in the 21st century.

Looking for Guides to the 2009/2010 Standards? The Family and Community Guides for the 2009/2010 Colorado Academic Standards were developed in partnership with the Colorado PTA and are the basis for the 2020 guides linked to below. The 2009/2010 Family and Community Guides have been archived but you can contact us for those files.

Looking for Guides to the 2018 Arts Standards? The Family and Community Guides for the 2018 Colorado Academic Standards in the Visual and Performing Arts have been archived but you can contact us for those files. 

Where can I learn more?

  • As always, the best place to learn about what your child is learning is from your child's teacher and school. The Colorado Academic Standards describe goals, but how those goals are met is a local decision.
  • The Colorado Academic Standards were written for an audience of professional educators, but parents and community members looking to dig deeper may want to read them for themselves. Visit the Standards and Instructional Support homepage for several options for reviewing the Colorado Academic Standards.
  • If you have further questions, please contact the content specialists in the Office of Standards and Instructional Support.