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Welcome to the CDE School Transportation home page!

We provide the information you need on school transportation issues.

Mission Statement

To create a supportive, encouraging learning environment for the school districts serving Colorado's public school children, through professional, knowledgeable ideas, utilizing the best resources available to achieve safe transportation programs.

What's New

New CDE Annual Inspection STU Forms and Inspector Map

The new forms are available and can be found in both the Technicians Toolbox or Forms section of the webpage. A new tool for transportation departments can be found in the School BusFleet and Technicians toolbox. The Inspection Map will provide the locations and district contact information for annual inspectors, hands on testers, and outside inspection sites.

2015/2016 CDE Bus Driver and Small Vehicle Operator Written Tests

The NEW CDE tests have been mailed to each district along with the answer sheets and resource material regarding the correct answers. If you did not receive your tests you may request a copy electronically by sending your request from your district email address to either or and we will be happy to send it to you.

The NEW  School Transportation Advisory Review Process - STAR

Starting in the 2015-16 school year the School Transportation Unit will begin a new review process, STAR. As we strive to become a greater resource and provide better customer service to the 178 school districts in our state, we will be typically performing on-site visits every 2 years for most districts. We have divided our reviews into two primary sections, vehicle inspection/garage operation and administration/training operations. CDE Transportation Analysts will alternate visits to districts every 2 years.  For example in 2015-16 the district might have a CDE vehicle inspection/garage operation review, then in 2017-18 the district would have a CDE administration/training operations review, and the cycle would continue to repeat. 

Superintendents will receive notifications in July if their district will receive a review during the upcoming school year and what type of review will be performed. Included in that notice will be a survey that is very important to our scheduling process.The CDE Analysts will then send notification to the district of the dates they will be in their area. In an effort to provide better customer service, the Analyst may feel the need to spend additional time at a district depending on district needs. Therefore, our exact schedule will be flexible and districts will be notified of specific dates and arrival times as soon as it can be determined.

At the conclusion of the district review the CDE Analyst will be requesting a meeting with the Transportation Director and Superintendent to review their findings.  Districts will receive written notification of the findings which will include commendations as well as non-compliance concerns. Superintendents will then be requested to submit a written response.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office at any time.


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Rules for the Operation of School Transportation Vehicles

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