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Colorado Academic Standards Review and Revision

About the Colorado Academic Standards Review and Revision

Colorado House Bill 20-1032 (section 22-7-1005(6) C.R.S.) amended the provision that required the regular review and revision of the Colorado Academic Standards. The statute previously required the revisions to occur within six years of the prior cycle which occurred in 2018. The changes now require the state board to review and revise approximately one-third of the standards beginning in 2022 and an additional one-third every two years thereafter.

It is understood that the 2020-2021 school year is the first year of implementation of the standards that were revised in 2018. One-third of the standards that were adopted in 2018 will begin the review and revision cycle beginning in the Spring of 2021. These review and revision cycles are not intended to re-write the standards, but to update them to be most current with national and international benchmarks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Standards Review and Revision Phases

*Phases II and III subject to change based on State Board feedback

Standards Review and Revision Process

The standards review and revision process includes five steps outlined in Figure 1: (1) planning and approval, (2) research and resource development, (3) standards review and revision, (4) revision approval, and (5) communication and dissemination.

Standards Review and Revision Committees

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CDE will conduct an open and transparent standards development process by engaging educators, business leaders, representation from higher education and parents in standards development committees. The department will solicit committee participation through an online application process for each of the content areas. Applicants will be required to demonstrate their content area expertise and willingness to serve. Applications will be reviewed using a blind-review process, considering only the applicants’ qualifications. Each of the standards development committees will choose a chair/co-chairs to guide the meetings. CDE content specialists will staff the committees, meet with the chair/co-chairs to plan meetings and ensure consistency across committee work plans. All meetings will be open to the public and all meeting notes will be shared with the State Board of Education and posted on the CDE website.

Committee work will commence in May 2021 and conclude in June 2022. Committee members will be expected to participate in all meetings (5-6 will take place) in addition to completing work between meetings.