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Important Message:

October 15, 2014

Welcome to the website of the Standards and Instructional Support (SIS) office! As part of our continuing efforts to provide Colorado educators with support tools for the implementation of the Colorado Academic Standards (CAS), we use this front page to highlight new additions to the website. This month we have several exciting additional supports to announce.

  • Family/community guides to the Colorado Academic Standards: Eye-catching and user friendly guides are now available for grades k-5 (in English and Spanish ) to help families and communities better understand the goals and outcomes of the Colorado Academic Standards. The guides describe the “big picture” purpose of the standards, as road maps to help ensure that all Colorado students graduate ready for life, college, and careers. They also provide overviews of the learning expectations for each of the ten content areas of the standards and offer examples of educational experiences that students may engage in, and that families could support, during the school year .
  • Addendum to the Instructional Unit Process Guide: On the District Sample Curriculum resources page, we have added some content-specific appendices to the Instructional Unit Process Guide that reflect unique steps/processes used in the unit-building workshops by arts, mathematics, reading, writing, and communicating, and science educators to translate the unit overviews from the first phase of the curriculum project into full instructional units. We hope these appendices will better enable educators to fully understand the unit development work pertaining to these content areas and spark conversations about creating curriculum.
  • Standards Overview: On our Communications page, we have added a new Colorado Academic Standards Fact sheet that captures the design elements, instructional priorities, and educational goals of the standards. The sheet also provides a timeline with significant dates in the standards’ creation and implementation and offers short statements regarding the specific focus of the standards for each of the ten content areas. The fact sheet is intended to capture the ways in which our Colorado sta ndards reflect why we teach and our collective efforts to create the educational experiences we want for all students.

As always, we strive to ensure that visitors find value in their (re)visits to this website; that its content will consistently represent relevant, usable, and timely information/materials. Please let us know how we are doing!

Brian Sevier
Director of Standards and Instructional Support



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