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Mathematics Academic Standards

  • “Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.” -- Albert Einstein
  • “If America is to maintain our high standard of living, we must continue to innovate. We are competing with nations many times our size. We don't have a single brain to waste. Math and science are the engines of innovation. With these engines we can lead the world. We must demystify math and science so that all students feel the joy that follows understanding.” -- Dr. Michael Brown, Nobel Prize Laureate

In the 21st century, a vibrant democracy depends on the full, informed participation of all people. We have a vast and rapidly growing trove of information available at any moment. However, being informed means, in part, using one’s sense of number, shape, data and symbols to organize, interpret, make and assess the validity of claims about quantitative information. In short, informed members of society know and do mathematics. (Read more about Colorado's Mathematics Standards.)

2009/2010 Mathematics Standards

Colorado Academic Standards Mathematics Graphic (small)

Mathematics Standards by Grade

Access Family and Community Guides to the Mathematics standards here.

2020 Mathematics Standards

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