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Implementing and Supporting the Mathematics Standards

Implementing and Supporting the Mathematics Standards

CDE Implementation Modules

CDE recommends that schools and districts take a patient, planned approach to implementing the 2020 Colorado Academic Standards. The two-year transition period between the adoption of these standards in 2018 and their implementation in the 2020-2021 school year offers Colorado educators the opportunity to give standards implementation the full attention it deserves.

To assist in these efforts, the Office of Standards and Instructional support is providing a series of professional learning modules to help school leaders facilitate standards implementation efforts with their staffs. The first phase of modules focuses on disciplinary and standards literacy, which establishes a foundation for understanding the relationship between disciplinary content and the educational purposes of standards. The second phase of modules focus on curriculum and resource alignment and ends with goal-setting for district- and school-level curricular changes. The final phase of modules will focus on connecting the standards to instructional practices and strategies.

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