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WSCC Family Engagement

Family Engagement

Families and school staff work together to support and improve the learning, development, and health of students. School staff are committed to making families feel welcomed, engaging families in a variety of meaningful ways, and sustaining family engagement. Families are committed to actively supporting their child’s learning and development.

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Colorado Department of Education Resources


Parent and Family Engagement Resources Achievement of At-Risk Students (Title I) Unit

Parent, Family & Student Communication and Engagement, Gifted and talented Education Unit

Family School Community Partnerships,  The office of Family-School Partnerships sits within the Improvement Planning Unit at CDE, and was created in response to Senate Bill 13-193 Increasing Parent Involvement in Public Schools. 

Coordination and Practices:

Family Engagement SMART Guides: RMC Health, Coordination of family engagement across WSCC component areas.

Strategy Guide to Engaging Parents in School Health. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Supporting Policies

 Senate Bill 13-193  Family-School Community Partnership Proclamation 2017 (English), Proclamation 2017 (Spanish)