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School Counselor Corps Grant Program (SCCGP) Resources

Archived 21-22 Recordings

Program Requirements 

Each Education Provider that receives a grant through the program shall report the following information to the Department each year during the term of the grant:
  • 2.01 (6)(a) The number of School Counselors hired using grant moneys;
  • 2.01(6)(b) Any professional development programs provided using grant moneys;
  • 2.01(6)(c) Any other services provided using grant moneys:
  • 2.01(6)(d) A comparison of the dropout rates, postsecondary and workforce readiness rates, and the college matriculation and remediation rates, if applicable, at the recipient schools for the years prior to the receipt of the grant and the years for which the Education Provider receives the grant; and 2.01 (6)(e) Information indicating an increase in the level of postsecondary preparation services provided to students at recipient  schools, such as the use of individual career and academic plans or enrollment in pre-collegiate preparation programs or postsecondary or vocational preparation programs.

Authorized Activities

Funds may be used to supplement and not supplant moneys currently being used to provide counseling activities such as:
  • Licensed school counselor salaries and benefits
  • Postsecondary preparatory services and programs
  • In-state professional development to include but not limited to the counselors and staff of the funded schools.  
  • Professional development shall align with the goals of the School Counselor Corps grant program.
  • Out-of-state travel must be pre-approved at least one-month prior to travel.
  • All computer equipment must be pre-approved and included on budget.
No indirect costs or incentives are an allowable use of School Counselor Corps Grant funds.

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