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Data Pipeline Snapshots - End of Year

End of Year

The student end of year snapshot collects the educational information for student for a school year.  This includes the student demographic information and the students entry and exit from within a district.  This information is used to calculate dropout, graduation, and completion rates.  In addition to this,  the student end of year snapshot collects high school student's post secondary and AP course information.

2013-14 Student End of Year timeline (PDF)

File Layout and Definitions:
2013-14 File Layout and Definitions for IPST Overwrite File (PDF)
2013-14 File Layout and Definitions for Adjustment File (PDF)
2013-14 File Layout and Definitions for Student End of Year Snapshot (PDF)

Known Defects:
2013-14 Student End of Year known defects (XLSX)

Business Rules:
2013-2014 IPST Overwrite Business Rules (XLS)
2013-2014 Adjustment File Business Rules (XLS)
2013-2014 Student End of Year Snapshot Business Rules (XLS)

2013-2014 EOY Adjustment Template (XLS)

End of year reports training (PPT)



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2013-2014 Fundamentals Training Session (PPTX)
2012-2013 Fundamentals Training Session (PPT)
2011-2012 Fundamentals Training Session (PPT)
Steps to complete Student End of Year (PDF)

Adequate Documentation of Transfer:
Adequate Documentation of Transfer List (doc) - List that contains exit codes and the documentation needed for transfer students.  This documentation is required to avoid incorrectly coding students as dropouts.

  • Forms to track and record student transfer into and out of Colorado school districts
Note:  Each of these forms can be modified to suit the needs of individual districts and schools.  At a minimum, the text in green on the records request and confirmation of enrollment forms should be overwritten with your district's information before use.  The forms can then be printed and the information can be handwritten, or they can be stored electronically and the information can be typed directly onto the form.  If you wish to use the forms electronically, you should first open the form (in Microsoft Word) then select "View" ->  "Toolbars"  -> "Forms", then select the icon that looks like a padlock to protect the form.  This will allow you to utilize the embedded pull-down menus and to easily tab between the data entry spaces on each form. 
    • Records Request (english) (spanish) - A formal request for a student's education records.  Used by the receiving school or district to request records from the district or program previously attended by the student.
    • Request for Confirmation of Enrollment and Attendance (english) (spanish) - For use by the orginating (i.e. previously attended) school district in instances when the receiving (i.e. currently attended) district or program does not submit a formal request for records.
    • Notification of Withdrawal and Student Follow-up Form (english) (spanish) - Two "complimentary" forms intended to be printed and or stored in a back-to-back format.
      • Notification of Withdrawal - To be completed by the student's parent or guardian if the student will be transferring out of the school district.  Note that parents/guardians are not legally required to provide this information.  However, when a parent or guardian is willing and able to complete this form, it allows the district to collect important information about the withdrawing student's future educational status.
      • Student Transfer Follow-up - Used when the student's parent or guardian does not or cannot fill out a Notification of Withdrawal form.  This document is for district record-keeping only and cannot be used as official documentation of transfer in the event of an audit.

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