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Reporting Graduation Guidelines

Implementation of the Graduation Guidelines Menu of Options went into effect for students graduating in the 2021 school year and beyond.  

  • This includes: 5th, 6th, and 7th year seniors from the Anticipated Year of Graduation (AYG) 2021 and beyond, including 3 year graduates
  • This does not include 7th year (AYG 2019) seniors.

Local Education Providers (LEPs) must report the measure by which each student has demonstrated Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness (PWR) according to the Graduation Guidelines Menu of Options.

  • The Graduation Guidelines file is a required data file in the Student Interchange. Districts are encouraged to collect and report Graduation Guidelines data as soon as possible in preparation for the upcoming Student End of Year collection. Graduation Guidelines data is not required for October Count.
  • The Graduation Guidelines File  is a Student Interchange File and part of the Student End of Year Collection.

Reporting, Timeline, and Training

  • Begin reporting during soft-open of Student End of Year (February) and/or during the regular opening of Student End of Year (May)
  • Timeline: The Graduation Guidelines file (GG File) is used in the Student End of Year collection and will follow the same timeline. Therefore, the first target deadline to have an error-free GG File is in late June.
  • Training: Trainings will be scheduled to align with the soft-open in March. Webinar schedules will be posted on the Student End of Year snapshot website. Additional trainings may be provided through Data Pipeline Town Hall.

The GG file is part of the Student End of Year collection

  • The file works as a validator to check that any student reported with a ’90’ (graduated with a regular diploma) exit code in Student End of Year also has:
    • At least one Reading, Writing and Communicating requirement met in the GG File
    • At least one Mathematics requirement met in the GG File
  • If a student graduates with a regular diploma but does not have a complete Graduation Guidelines file, Data Pipeline will generate an error. LEPs may need to change the exit type code for these students.

Town Hall information and resources



Access training information: Webinar schedules will be posted on the Student End of Year snapshot website. Additional trainings may be provided through Data Pipeline Town Hall.

In the first full year of implementation, 2021-22, Reagan Ward, Data Analyst Statistician from the Data Pipeline Team, presented an overview of the Graduation Guidelines Data Collection, including the template and the file layout, business rules and fixing errors, and she answered questions from the audience.

Access the Recording and Power Point



Contact Reagan Ward or Robin Russel for more information.



The Graduation Guidelines Date File is:

  • Required
  • Part of the Student End of Year data collection
  • Used to make sure all students graduate with Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness (PWR) in Reading, Writing and Communicating, and mathematics, which, for ease will be labeled "English" and "math."

The Graduation Guidelines Interchange File is NOT:

  • Optional
  • A separate data collection



  • Reagan Ward, Data Specialist, Data Services unit, 303.866.6961
  • Robin Russel, Graduation Guidelines Manager, Office of Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness, 303.866.2908