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Data Pipeline


Data Pipeline is a streamlined approach to efficiently move required education information from school districts to the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). Data Pipeline reduces data redundancy, captures closer to real-time data, streamlines the data collection process and allows districts to exchange information on transferred students.

Data Pipeline replaces the Automated Data Exchange (ADE) system, that is used for state reporting, and takes CDE from 19 point-in-time collections to six transactional interchanges, allowing local education agencies to submit data regularly to CDE and fix data errors as they go. The interchanges are focused on a Student Profile, Staff Profile, Organization Profile, Special Education, and Discipline. These interchanges are intended to be transactional in nature therefore allowing Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to submit data regularly to CDE and clean the data as they go.

Strategic Objectives of Data Pipeline

  • Reduce data redundancy
  • Streamline the data collection process
  • Move from a program-centric collection system to a student-centric collection system.
  • Capture more real-time information

What does this mean to you?

For the 2013/2014 school year, districts have a new system, referred to as the "Data Pipeline," for reporting collected data that reduces many of the redundancies found in the ADE system. The Data Pipeline offers enhanced functionality such as: online error correction, web services, additional user roles within the system that allows differentiated access to data, and notifications to districts when students transfer to other districts. It also provides matching capability from the Record Integration Tracking System (RITS) and Educator Identifier System (EDIS) within Pipeline. Additionally when a student transfers to another school, Data Pipeline is able to notify the last district as well as provide the new district with data needed to inform the instructional needs of the student sooner.

What's Happening Now?

The Data Services Unit continues to offer trainings for all districts. Please refer to the specific collection for upcoming trainings. In addition there are weekly free Data Pipeline Town Hall webinars. View more information on Town Hall webinars and the current week's topics.

What's on the Horizon?

Please refer to "The Scoop" email, CDE's weekly update for school districts that is sent by the Communication Office. Each collection's website also has upcoming trainings, deadlines, and updates.

Contact: Some common data collections linked with their corresponding email addresses:

Data Collection/Linked Email Address
Human Resources
READ Collections
Report Card March
Special Ed December Count
Special Ed Discipline
Special Ed End of Year
Staff Evaluation
Student Discipline Snapshot
Student End of Year
Student October Count
Teacher Student Data Link