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The Teacher Student Data Link (TSDL) Snapshot combines the course instructor and course enrollment TSDL interchange files in each course instructed during the reported school year.  The link shows the instructional relationship between educators and the students that are in their classrooms. The data can be used to inform LEAs to help improve Educator Effectiveness, advise on the effectiveness of educator preparation programs and help to streamline other required data collections. 


The 2018-19 Teacher Student Data Link is open and available for reporting data for districts with migrant students.  All other districts are also able to report TSDL data, however it is not required.  To clarify, all districts do not need to submit the course instructor file.  For districts with migrant students: 1) local courses codes must be mapped, 2) course enrollment file must be uploaded for any 8th-12th grade migrant student receiving partial or full credit and 3) the snapshot must be created and finalized for migrant students.  For districts without migrant students: 1) local courses codes do not need to be mapped, 2) No TSDL data file is required to be uploaded and 3) the snapshot does not need to be created or finalized. 



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