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Colorado Academic Standards Review and Revision

Colorado Academic Standards: All Students, All Standards

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General resources provided to each of the thirteen standards areas committees are now published. These resources include results from the Colorado Academic Standards perception survey, background information on the standards revision cycle, feedback from the public among other items. CDE will also publish content-specific resources, which may include benchmarking reports and summaries along with other materials. These content-specific resources can be found on individual committee pages. CDE will continue to update the general and content-specific resources.

Submit Your Ideas

CDE is committed to facilitating an inclusive, open, and transparent review and revision process for the Colorado Academic Standards (CAS). We invite all interested educators, school and district leaders, parents, elected officials, students, faculty at institutions of higher education, education organizations and community members to participate.

Provide Feedback on Updates to Colorado's 21st Century Skills

CDE is launching an opportunity for feedback on updates to Colorado’s 21st Century Skills as part of the standards review and revision process. CDE is now referring to the "21st Century Skills" as "Essential Skills" students should develop to be successful in post-secondary education and the workplace. For example, in previous 21st Century Skills guidance, there were five categories of: critical thinking and reasoning, information literacy, collaboration, self-direction, and invention. The Essential Skills Guidance Resource proposes four categories of: entrepreneurial, personal, civic/interpersonal, and professional to better align the standards review and revision process to state initiatives that span a continuum from school readiness to post-secondary and workforce readiness. A cross-unit team of specialists at CDE developed the Essential Skills Guidance Resource and look forward to receiving stakeholder feedback to finalize this draft.

Online Standards Feedback System

Second opportunity coming October 2017.

The online standards feedback system was open seven months for the initial feedback phase from October 2016 through April 30, 2017. This system was designed to obtain feedback on each expectation within the CAS. All public feedback received is shared with committee members and the public to inform the standards review process. A second public feedback opportunity will be available to share comments on draft recommendations from October 16 to November 27, 2017.

Questions or Comments?

To submit general questions or comments about the standards review and revision process, please contact us at

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