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Colorado READ Act

The READ Act

The Colorado Reading To Ensure Academic Development Act (Colorado READ Act) was passed by the Colorado Legislature during the 2012 legislative session. The READ Act repeals the Colorado Basic Literacy Act (CBLA) as of July 1, 2013, keeping many of the elements of CBLA such as a focus on K-3 literacy, assessment, and individual plans for students reading below grade level. The READ Act differs from CBLA by focusing on students identified as having a significant reading deficiency, delineating requirements for parent communication, and providing funding to support intervention. Other components of the Colorado READ Act include a competitive Early Literacy Grant and a resource bank of assessments, instructional programming, and professional development.


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DIBELS Name Change

The Dynamic Measurement Group (authors of DIBELS Next) have announced that the name of DIBELS Next will change to AcadienceTM Reading.  It’s important to note that the content of the assessment will remain the same.  Additionally, the current materials, training, and software provided by Amplify through the Early Literacy Assessment Tool (ELAT) Project will all remain current and usable; this is simply a change in the assessment name.  Amplify will continue to provide the software under the DIBELS Next name for a transitional period and will provide another update when the name will change on Amplify’s mCLASS platform.

The draft document of the proposed READ Act Rule Changes will reflect the name change in Section 9.00--9.01(A)(ii) Acadience Reading (Previously published under DIBELS Next).

READ Act Rule Changes

CDE is in the process of finalizing draft rule changes made to the READ Act in HB18-1393 during the 2018 legislative session. A markup copy of the program rules can be found here and can be used for reference.

CDE will request that the State Board of Education take a vote to notice rulemaking for the READ Act at the March 2019 meeting. In an effort to present rules which reflect the input from key stakeholders, CDE requests feedback from stakeholders by noon on Friday, March 1 2019. This will enable CDE to review feedback along with that of other stakeholders and incorporate changes in time to submit materials for the State Board meeting.  Stakeholders are welcome to provide formal comments to the State Board once the rulemaking process is open. Please submit written comment to Marisa Calzadillas

Interim Assessment Reviewer Application

solicitation has been posted to the READ Act webpage to solicit reading interim assessment tools for inclusion on the 2018-2019 Read Act Colorado State Board of Education Approved List of Interim Assessments, pursuant to C.R.S. 22-7-1209.  Proposals are due February 1, 2019, 5:00 pm MT. Proposal information is provided in the solicitation. In addition, a copy of the interim assessment rubric can be viewed here.

The department will engage practitioners from the field with literacy and assessment expertise to assist with the review process. Applications for the review committee can be submitted using this link. All applications must be completed and submitted by February 15, 2019.

Interim Assessment Solicitation

CDE announces the solicitation of proposals for the interim reading assessment tools, in both Spanish and English,  for inclusion on the 2019 Read Act Colorado State Board of Education Approved List of Interim Assessments, pursuant to C.R.S. 22-7-1209.  The State Board of Education approved list will be available to Colorado schools and school districts via the Colorado Department of Education’s website. Proposals are due February 1, 2019, 5:00 pm MT. Proposal information is provided in the Solicitation. In addition, a copy of the interim assessment rubric can be viewed here.

Interim Assessment Information Webinar

The Preschool through 3rd Grade (P-3) Office at CDE is seeking your feedback on the rubric used for the approval of reading assessments under the READ Act. We will be hosting a brief webinar on November 29th, 2018, at 1 PM which will provide information about the rubric and an opportunity to provide feedback online.  If you cannot join live, the webinar will be recorded and posted to the READ Act page on the CDE website. Recorded webinar link.

In addition to the recorded webinar, there will be an opportunity to provide feedback at a face-to-face meeting on December 13th,  2018 at 9:00 AM. This meeting will take place in Denver at 1560 Broadway, 11th floor, Aspen rooms A and B. An online participation opportunity will be available for those who wish to attend but cannot join us in person. Space is limited. If you are interested in attending, please apply here:

A copy of the interim assessment rubric can be viewed here.

Feedback on the rubric can be sent to Jamie Olson at  When providing feedback, please organize notes by section on the rubric, or label feedback as "general" if comments pertain to the rubric as a whole. Feedback must be received by December 14, 2018

READ Plan Working Group

(updated January 4, 2019)

READ Plan Working Group Feedback Survey for READ Plans

HB 18-1393 created a READ Plan Working Group to review the creation and use of READ plans under the READ Act. The Working Group is comprised of educators in grades K – 3, upper grade teachers, parents, principals, district leaders, and literacy experts representing districts from across the state, including small rural/rural, urban and suburban districts.  The Working Group will develop recommendations regarding changes to regulations and the department's level of technical assistance and communication to local education providers.  Once complete, these recommendations will be submitted by the Commissioner of Education to the State Board of Education and the education committees of the House of Representatives and the Senate.  These recommendations must be completed on or before February 1, 2020.

In an effort to provide the Working Group with information about areas to improve use and effectiveness of READ plans, a survey has been created to solicit feedback. The survey can be found here:

The survey will be open from January 9, 2019, to February 8, 2019.  For more information on the READ Plan Working Group survey contact Melissa Colsman, associate commissioner of student learning, at 303-866-6737 or

Learn more about this group.

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