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READ Plans

READ Plan Resources for Educators:

The READ Act states specific processes and elements to be part of READ Plan creation and ongoing student support. These resource provide educators with support for the effective implementation of a READ Plan.

READ Plan Checklist

  • PDF Document designed to support effective READ Plan implementation

READ Plan Sample

  • Word documents to include all components of a READ Plan

Writing Goals and Objectives for a READ Plan

  • Two case studies starting with interim and diagnostic results and then stepping through examples of goals and objectives that could be included in a READ Plan

Parent Communication (PDF)

  • Talking points to cover with parents upon implementing a READ Plan

READ and Individual Education Plans Guidance for Students with Disabilities (PDF)

  • Co-created by the Office of Literacy and Exceptional Student Services Unit. This document provides information on the implementation of READ plans for students with IEPs.

READ and English Learners


READ Plans and Kindergarten School Readiness 
Kindergarten School Readiness and READ Plans Webinar 
  • This webinar includes background information on required Kindergarten assessments in Colorado, how to use the problem-solving process across these assessments, and the requirements and flexibilities in documentation in creating and maintaining individual student plans.


READ Plans beyond 3rd grade

Colorado's READ Act requires that a READ plan acquired in grades K-3 remains in place until a student has reached grade level reading competency, determined locally through a body of evidence. The Office of Literacy has created guidance documents to aid in considerations for assessment, support, and instruction,  as well as links to resources.