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Colorado Academic Standards Review and Revision Process - Group 1

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Content Areas in this Group

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Latest News

The Colorado Academic Standards for Social Studies

The standards revision committee presented their final recommendations for revisions to Colorado’s social studies standards at the June State Board of Education meeting.  This provides board members and the public adequate time to review proposed changes prior to the final adoption of revisions by the State Board in the fall of 2022.  All meeting materials are available using the links below.


The State Board of Education is still accepting public feedback on the recommended revisions to the social studies standards.  Review the documents above and then provide feedback through email.    Provide Feedback


Provide continuous feedback on the social studies standards up for revision through email:

The Colorado Academic Standards for the Arts were approved and adopted by the State Board of Education April, 2022.

Standards Revision Process

July 1, 2020, through Fall, 2022






Phase One 1
Stakeholders apply for committee membership. October 2020- January 2021
Phase 2
Public feedback open for all content area standards in group 1.  March-April, 2021
Phase 3
Committees finalized. March 31, 2021
Complete Phase 3 Committees begin to meet. May 2021
Complete HB 19-1192 Commission sends history and civic standards recommendations to social studies committee. June 2021
Research and benchmark report to be completed. July-August 2021
Complete Phase 5

Social studies committee considers public input, benchmarking report, recommendations from HB 19-1192 Commission, and requirements of HB 21-1103 for Media Literacy Standards, HB 21-1200 for Financial Literacy Standards, and SB 21-067 for Civics standards.

Arts committees consider public input and benchmarking report.

For the exact date and time of each content area meeting, visit the content area's committee webpage.

June-October 2021
Phase 6
First draft of the social studies and the arts standards revisions recommendations presented to the State Board of
Education for feedback.
November 2021
Complete Phase 6 First draft of the social studies and the arts standards revisions recommendations available for public feedback.

Arts: November 12, 2021- January 1, 2022

Social Studies: November 12, 2021-February 10, 2022

Complete Phase 7 Social studies and the arts committees meet to consider public and State Board of Education feedback.

Arts: January 2022

Social Studies: February/March 2022

Complete Phase 7

Summary of public feedback and final Arts standards revision recommendations presented to State Board of Education.

February 2022
Phase 7

State Board of Education considers amendments to the Arts recommendations and votes for approval.

  April 2022
Complete Phase 8 Summary of public feedback from Social Studies is presented to the State Board of Education. April 2022
Phase 8 State Board of Education hears final revision recommendations from the Social Studies Committee. June 2022
Next Phase 8 State Board of Education meets to consider final recommendations for Social Studies Standards. August-November 2022

What happens next?

Standards Transition Process

Anticipated Fall 2022, - August 2024

  1. Local districts have two years to transition local standards, curriculum, and assessment to align to the revised standards.
  2. CDE aligned state assessments with revisions to the standards

Standards Implementation Process

Anticipated to begin August 2024

  1. Local districts fully implement the revised standards into their curriculum and assessments.
  2. CDE state assessments are aligned with standards.