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CoMath Update for June 8, 2023

It's summer and another school year has come to an end. So much has happened in just this past school year: Colorado passed a major piece of math legislation, Colorado was accepted into the Launch Years Initiative and started high school math pathway work in earnest, we've had another round of math curricula grants, and there have been countless other initiatives happening at school and district levels. One new thing that I've been working on is a rewrite of our elementary teacher preparation endorsement standards. It's still in a drafty stage and not ready to share widely, but it's one more thing to add to a long list of projects undertaken this year to make math education in Colorado better. My June is busy with CoLabs and the upcoming NCSM and CCTM events, but I'm still trying to schedule some time off. In fact, if anyone needs me next week, I'll be on my bike for Ride the Rockies. I hope you get a nice summer mix of personal and professional activity, too.

NCTM Classroom Conversations: Let's Go Fly a Kite! (TODAY!)

Join Colorado's Joe Bolz and his students as they learn about properties of solids and dilations to construct some amazing kites using NCTM’s Illuminations lesson Tetrahedral Kites! See how they collaborate to build the kites, discover the mathematics, and eventually fly their creations! To attend today's session at 5 pm, register on the NCTM website.

Teacher of the Year Application Deadline Extended to Friday, June 16

Each year, the Colorado Teacher of the Year Program honors an exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable and skilled K-12 classroom teacher. The selected teacher will also automatically become Colorado's nominee for the National Teacher of the Year competition. To apply, visit the Colorado Teacher of the Year webpage.

HB23-1231: Math in Pre-kindergarten Through Twelfth Grade

House Bill HB23-1231, titled "Math in Pre-kindergarten Through Twelfth Grade," passed the Colorado legislature on May 2 and was signed into law by Governor Polis on May 15. The bill includes funding for CDE to add several math positions to support the implementation of the law, and those positions are expected to be posted to the state's job board very soon. Beyond that, I don't have any details about implementation other than what was already written into the bill.

NCSM Summer Leadership Academy

NCSM will be hosting their Summer Leadership Academy in the Denver area from June 26 to June 28. The three-day event will focus on NCSM's framework for leadership, culturally relevant leadership, and coaching. There are discounted rates for NCSM members and for registering as a team.

CCTM Learning Institute

CCTM is hosting a "Learning Institute" on June 29 featuring Grace Kelemanik and Amy Lucenta, co-authors of the books Routines for Reasoning and Teaching for Thinking. If you want to attend and receive books at the event, you'll need to register ASAP because CCTM needs a couple weeks to process the orders and wait for the books to arrive. So don't delay!

There's Still Time to Attend a 2023 Teaching and Learning CoLab

You can still register for two of this summer's CoLabs! The dates and host sites for this summer's remaining Teaching and Learning CoLabs are:

The Teaching and Learning CoLabs are one-day, multi-disciplinary regional PD developed in partnership with Colorado's higher education institutions, professional teaching organizations, and CDE. This year's content areas are expanding to include ELA, math, health, PE, science, computer science, social studies, visual and performing arts, and school leadership. Schools are encouraged to attend a CoLab in teams, with teachers representing multiple grades and content areas.

Future Conferences to Watch For

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