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CoMath Update for March 5, 2021

CoMath Conversation on High School Learning and Recovery

On Friday, March 26, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm, I'll be hosting a "CoMath Conversation" to address current issues with high school mathematics. Specifically, the conversation will focus on the high percentage (30-40%?) of students who are estimated to be failing their HS math courses and implications that has for interventions and credit recovery. The goal of the conversation is to generate ideas we can share to not only avoid a near-term, COVID-triggered math credit crisis, but to improve assessment, grading, and teaching practices in the long term. High school mathematics teachers, math and other instructional leaders, principals, and counselors are encouraged to attend.

To keep the conversations manageable, this event will be limited to 100 people and registration is required. Much of the time will be spent in facilitated breakout sessions with goals and processes designed to collect and curate ideas. The event will be conducted and recorded via Zoom. To register for this CoMath Conversation, click here.

Colorado Math Leaders

The next meeting of the Colorado Math Leaders is Tuesday, March 9 from 10:00 to 12:00 at You can join the CML mailing list at to get meeting reminders and to engage in discussions with other math leaders from around Colorado.

CCTM Updates

CCTM continues its Taking Action book study this month with a focus on facilitating meaningful discourse in March (with sessions still open for March 4 and 6) and next month with a focus on eliciting and using evidence of student thinking (with sessions on April 3, 6, and 8). Anyone can join, whether you've read the book or not, or attended prior sessions or not, and there is no fee.

CCTM is also seeking candidates to run for representatives of two regions (see map):

  • Region 2 (BVSD, Jeffco, Gilpin, and Clear Creek)
  • Region 5 (nearly all of southeast and southcentral Colorado, including Pueblo, the San Luis Valley, and mountain districts up to Lake and Park County)

A link to the election nomination form can be found on the front page of CCTM's website.

NCTM Virtual 2021 Annual Meeting

NCTM is kicking off its next 100 years with a virtual conference to be held this year between April 21 and May 1 (and not every day in-between). The schedule is set up to help more teachers access the live sessions, even if they're still working with students during most of the day:

  • Wednesday, April 21: 4:00 - 5:30 pm Keynote
  • Thursday/Friday, April 22-23: 1:00 - 6:30 pm Live Presentations
  • Saturday, April 24 9:00 - 3:45 pm Live Presentations
  • Wednesday/Thursday/Friday, April 28-30: 1:00 - 6:30 pm Live Presentations
  • Saturday, May 1: 9:00 - 3:30 pm Live Presentations

In addition to live presentations, the conference features on-demand presentations, a virtual exhibit hall, roundtables, and other social features. All sessions are recorded and available after the conference. (For more on this arrangement, listen to our recent podcast episode with Michelle King of Western Colorado University). To learn more about the NCTM Virtual 2021 Annual Meeting and to register, see the conference webpages on NCTM's site.


NCTM's next grant application deadline is May 1 and 13 different grants are available, including ones for prospective teachers, action research, Annual Meeting attendance, technology, and tuition expenses. Funding amounts range from $1500 to $24,000 and details are available on the NCTM website.

MoneyWi$er Financial Information Awards

Are you a math teacher that also teaches students about money and financial literacy? (I expect every teacher of math to be saying, "That's me!") The MoneyWi$er Financial Innovation awards are presented by the office of the Colorado Attorney General in partnership with CDE. The awards recognize distinguished districts, schools, educators, and students that have demonstrated a priority in personal finance education throughout their school and community. The 2021 awards are the third and final year of this initiative to promote and increase financial literacy education in Colorado.

  • Student Scholarship Honorees $1,500
  • Educator Honorees $3,500
  • School Honoree $10,000
  • District Honoree $15,000

The 2021 MoneyWi$er Financial Innovation Awards application deadline is Monday, March 15 and details and eligibility requirements are available on the MoneyWi$er website.

Colorado Virtual Career Fair

Registration is now open for the Colorado Virtual Career Fair, scheduled for April 19-22 from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm each evening. This explorative and informative fair for you will feature panels representing a wide variety of industries throughout the state. The design of the fair intends to facilitate access and awareness of career opportunities to students who may or may not have been able to access these options before. Attendance is welcome for all, regardless of geographic location, school district, or age -- families are welcome! Panelists will represent a diversity of backgrounds and are intentionally recruited to help students see themselves is a wide variety of future careers.

Registration is open for youth attendees, parents, educators, and potential career panelists via the website The Virtual Career Fair is a collaboration between the Colorado State Youth Council, Colorado Workforce Development Council, Colorado Association of Career & Technical Education, other professional agencies and organizations, as well as many Colorado school districts.


CDE is hosting "PWR Showcases" to celebrate the 10th anniversary of ICAP. Join teachers, administrators, counselors, CTE professionals, and other educators to highlight Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) practices designed for students as they build towards postsecondary and workforce readiness (PWR). The second showcase will be held Tuesday, March 9 at 3:30 with others to follow in coming months. Register today to take part in any or all of the showcases, learn more about the newest PWR guidance, and contact Robin Russel with any questions or to know more.