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CoMath Update for August 9, 2019

Welcome Back!

Welcome back, teachers! I know some of you are already facing classrooms filled with students, while the rest of you are still dusting off your materials and preparing your classrooms for the 2019-2020 school year. I wish you all the best and want to remind you that as a state employee, I work for you. If you need anything throughout the school year, like answers to policy questions, advice on using research, or professional development for your staff, I'm here for you. You'll also find that Colorado has several other great communities of math-minded educators who want to be there for you, too. Here are several ways to stay connected or get involved.


CoMath is a listserv designed to bring content, news, and information to support quality mathematics education to educators in Colorado. CoMath is Colorado's original social network for mathematics educators, and owes its origins to rural math teachers from around the state who started the listserv in the 1990s. Today, CoMath generally features:

  • 1-3 posts per week from members with information about events, professional learning opportunities, job postings, news items of interest, or questions for the field
  • Regular posts from Raymond Johnson, CDE Mathematics Content Specialist, about the latest in mathematics education
  • Moderated, non-commercial content

To send a message to CoMath, send it to To help others join the mailing list (or to update your address), contact me at


The Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics is an affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and is Colorado's largest professional organization for teachers of math. CCTM serves its membership by holding conferences, workshops, publishing a journal, and recognizing outstanding teachers and teacher leaders. In 2019-2020, look for CCTM to be coming to a location near you, as they will be hosting a larger number of smaller events instead of a large annual conference. For more information about CCTM, see


The Colorado Math Leaders is an affiliate of the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) and is comprised of district mathematics leaders such as math specialists, coordinators, coaches, TOSAs, department chairs, and consultants. CML meets monthly throughout the school year to share questions, resources, and support. In 2019-2020, CML will usually meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. For more information, or to join the CML mailing list, please email


The Colorado Metro Math Intervention Team is a group of leaders in math and special education who collaborate to help solve the challenges of meeting the needs of all math learners, especially those who struggle most. CoMMIT meets semi-regularly as group needs dictate. More resources and contact information can be found on the CoMMIT website.

Job Openings

  • (NEW) Center High School, located in the beautiful San Luis Valley, is seeking a HS math teacher (or preservice/student teacher) to teach Algebra 1 and Geometry, and possibly a pre-algebra class. Center is a 4-day a week school district with Fridays off. If you are interested, please find the application materials at or call Carrie Zimmerman (719-754-3442), Superintendent of Schools, for any additional questions that you may have.
  • South Park High School in Fairplay is seeking a HS math teacher to teach Algebra 1 and Geometry as well as middle school pre-algebra. Park County Re-2 is a 4-day a week district with Fridays off. If you have questions or are interested in applying, please contact Principal Andy Fieth at or 719-836-4410.
  • East Middle School in Aurora Public Schools is looking for an 8th grade math teacher. Please contact Joyce Glenn-Greer at 303-340-0660 if interested.
  • Eagle Rock School in Estes Park is looking for an interim math teacher who wants to teach small high school classes in an experiential setting to students who have found success elusive. Eagle Rock is an alternative license site so you can earn your credentials in 1 year. Free housing may be available. If interested, contact Jason Cushner at
  • Mountain View Elementary in Adams 12 is seeking a half-time tech/CS leader due to increased enrollment. Hours will be M-F 7:15-11:15 am. See the Adams 12 website for more information and to apply.
  • MIND Research Institute (creators of ST Math) is seeking an experienced and innovative Education Success Manager who is passionate about guiding schools and districts. For more information about the position and qualifications, please see the MIND Research website or contact Shae Rohrer.

I know some of the districts above are really in a bind trying to hire a teacher this close to the start of school, so if you have any interest at all--even to teach on an interim basis or to connect them with another teacher who might be interested in the job--please do them a favor and reach out. Relevant to this issue is CDE's 2018-19 educator shortage survey and the Retaining Teachers Grant Program. Yes, secondary math teachers are still in short supply! One way to increase that supply is to encourage more teachers to pursue the new middle school (6-8) mathematics endorsement. If you already have a teaching license and have any interest in teaching middle school math, getting this endorsement (see requirements) could help you fill a middle school position in a district and free up a teacher with the full secondary math endorsement to teach high school. This could be a great way for an elementary teacher to greatly increase their employability!

CDE Opportunities

  • Media Literacy Advisory Committee: Today is the final day to apply to participate on CDE's media literacy advisory committee. For more information and how to apply, see the media literacy advisory committee webpage.
  • Education Commissioner's Teacher Cabinet: Applications are still being accepted to join the CDE commissioner's teacher cabinet advisory group. Teacher cabinet members meet four times a year to share their hands-on classroom experiences and to ensure that the voice of practicing teachers can be heard by policy makers and legislators on important education policy. The application deadline is Thursday, August 15. To be considered, submit the application and read other program details on the commissioner's teacher cabinet webpage.