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Student Planning Resources

Several new student planning resources have been developed to support interagency transition teams with working collaboratively to engage with students and youth with disabilities in exploring the 6 Core Student Outcomes. From assessment to planning out services these new documents will help ensure students are comprehensively supported from their self-determination skills to their employment goals and supporting their ability to access the community.

As educators, service providers, and families start engaging students with SOS, we recommend starting with transition assessments related to the 6 Core Student Outcomes to understand strengths, interests, gaps, and areas of need within this framework. A tool to document the assessments and areas of growth discovered during the assessment process is the SOS Transition Assessment for 6 Core Outcomes document (Word Doc.). This tool can help to set goals and move toward deciding what services and partners might be most appropriate to work with students.

Another helpful tool to document the SOS process throughout the years in high school is the SOS Flow of Services document (Word Doc.). This tool allows an interagency transition team that is supporting a student to document services provided across the age span. This will help to ensure that student progress is made and that there is not a duplication of services.

Lastly, the tool to help interagency transition teams document their coordinated student planning process is the SOS Coordinated Student Planning Collaboration Notes document (Word Doc.). The document helps to align student information, goals, and services. This document can increase the efficiency of the interagency transition team to have a shared planning tool. It allows for a reduction in duplication of services and rather ensures a student’s plan is comprehensive and compliments their needs and goals related to the 6 Core Student Outcomes.