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Local Sequencing of Services Workbook

Colorado's Sequencing of Services: Local Workbook Template


Download the Local Sequencing of Services Workbook

Complete the templates for your local transition team here:

Local Sequencing of
Services Workbook

How to Complete the Local Sequencing of Services Workbook:

1. List out all people, agencies, programs, entities that can support students and youth with the appropriate Core Outcome.

This will likely be different for each outcome

2. Ensure clear communication with all these partners.

Understand their role and responsibilities in working with students and youth

Understand what services/resources they can offer

3. Document all services/resources in the workbook and map them to the appropriate age in which a student and youth can access the service.

4. Complete the exercise of mapping services to ages per entity for each of the 6 Core Outcomes.

5. Your Local Sequencing of Services should outline the diversity of services and opportunities for students and youth.

6. Your Local Interagency Transition Team should spend time talking about access and how to create efficiencies with referrals.

7. Your Local Sequencing of Services Workbook will provide a roadmap for what is available and then your Local Teams will need to work on ensuring students and youth have individualized opportunities that reflect their postsecondary vision.