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Key Components

Colorado's Sequencing of Services: Key Components

Colorado's Interagency Sequence of Services Framework

The Sequence of Services Framework and the 6 Core student outcomes are designed to assist local interagency transition teams in identifying what programming and services are available to students as well as the roles and responsibilities of schools, community partners, students, and families. 

To start this work, there are key components to establish in communities to support efforts in collaboratively supporting students.

Key Components In Operationalizing the Framework

While developing a shared understanding of transition services in communities, local interagency transition teams can utilize a community workbook to map out their services, resources and identify different roles and responsibilities among partners. 

Implementation Checklist

To perform an assessment in your own community related to these key components you can utilize the Sequencing of Services (SOS) Implementation Checklist. This tool can act both as a pre-post assessment for your community engagement and as a guide for promising practices related to transition.