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Colorado’s Sequencing of Services for Students and Youth with Disabilities

Colorado's Sequencing of Services: A Framework for Students and Youth with Disabilities


Colorado’s state agencies, education partners, families, and service providers have collaborated to develop a shared vision and shared student outcomes for students with disabilities during their transition before and after high school. 

The vision of the Sequencing of Services Framework is to demonstrate what programming and services, across a continuum of ages, are available to students and how different entities can all work together.

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Explore the Key Components and the 6 Core Student Outcomes to find ideas on programming and services, information about agencies and partnering and resources to create an action plan related to a student’s strengths, interests and areas of need.

Note: This Framework can be used by local transition teams and they may modify the Framework to work with the resources in their community.

Learn More About Colorado’s Sequencing of Services for Students and Youth with Disabilities

2022 Conference on Inclusive Education

The Sequencing of Services Team presented about the Colorado Framework at the Annual Peak Parent Center Conference on Inclusive Education in February 2022. 

Video link - coming soon! 

National Technical Assistance Center on Transition (NTACT) Virtual Presentation 

Colorado's Framework Sequencing of Services Initiative: Continuum of Collaboration was presented to NTACT In May 2022. 

View NTACT presentation (YouTube Video)