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How to Use the Sequencing of Services Framework

Colorado's Sequencing of Services: How to Use this Framework

How to Use the Framework

2. Learn about the 6 Core Student Outcomes.

3. Understand different outcomes across the ages by clicking on the ages within each Core Student Outcome (less than 14, 14, 15-16, 17-18, 19-21, 21-24).

4. Learn about services, resources and agencies that support students in achieving those outcomes

5. Find out how families can support in achieving these outcomes

6. Fill out the Sequencing of Services Framework for your local community with your resources and partners

Visual Representation of the Sequence of Services Framework

This visual represent the student and youth at the center of the framework with the six core student outcomes surrounding the students.  Parts of the vision and purpose statement are  highlighted around the six core outcomes.

Student outcomes graphic. Alt text available at

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State and Local Services

Within this Sequencing of Services Framework you will find state level expected services and agencies for each outcome. You can click on each link for the service or agency/entity to learn more.


For your own use:

Click on the Local Team template to fill out the unique services and agencies/partners involved in your community to help students achieve these outcomes.

Public State Level Dashboard -


The framework and workbook were created by state level and local stakeholders to improve individual access to services and supports, build local collaboration and improve student outcomes. This workbook is a tool to help you navigate services for students with disabilities across an age continuum to achieve the 6 Core Student outcomes that include employment, health management, community access, postsecondary opportunities, digital literacy and self-determination/leadership skills. The workbook can help to raise our expectations about what is available to access and ultimately better prepare students with disabilities for adult life.