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Monthly Literacy Conversations

The visual used here depicts conversations by adults in a room.

Monthly Literacy Conversations on the Colorado Framework for Writing Instruction

The Reading, Writing, and Communicating Content Specialist in the Office of Standards and Instructional Support will host a monthly virtual conversation outlining a different aspect of the framework and the process districts and schools can take to create their own writing framework through research and evidence-based practices. The conversations will focus on and answer the following questions:

  1. What is the Colorado Framework for Writing Instruction?
  2. Why do we need a framework for writing in Colorado?
  3. How does each component of the framework’s organizational structure intersect and make for a comprehensive and systematic approach to writing and writing instruction?

Conversations will examine beliefs around writing, in general, and teaching writing, in particular. Participants will create a framework within their local context through research and evidence-based practices that speak to the write-read connection, the systems and structures that should be in place to effectively impact both student and teacher outcomes in the implementation of high-quality writing instruction. 

Dates and registration for each literacy conversation are listed below. All conversations will be recorded. 

Monthly Literacy Conversations to Support Students Who Remain on READ Plans in Grades 4-12

The Reading, Writing, and Communicating Content Specialist in the Office of Standards and Instructional Support will host a monthly virtual conversation examining the newly released guidance to support secondary students who remain on READ plans past third grade. The conversations will focus on the following aspects of the guidance:

  1. Writing READ plans for students in grades 4-12 
  2. Goal setting and progress monitoring in grades 4-12.
  3. Collecting a body of evidence to exit a student from a READ plan in grades 4-12.
  4. Types of effective assessments in grades 4-12.

Monthly Co-Literacy Conversations from 2023

CDE is hosted monthly virtual conversations for leaders, teachers, and other classroom practitioners who support literacy in grades 4-12. The conversations included a problem of practice, a presentation from a district, school, or CDE team, breakout sessions with guided questions, and additional resources to help educators and leaders implement evidence-based practices in their schools and districts. All past recordings are listed below. 

  • January 2023
    • Spotlight: Mountain Vista Community School in Harrison District 2 
    • Problem of Practice:
      • Designing and Implementing a District Literacy Plan
      • Secondary teachers seeing themselves as literacy instructors through their content areas.
      • Schoolwide systems and structures to support disciplinary literacy practices
  • February 2023
    • ​Spotlight: Boulder Valley School District
    • Problem of Practice: Supporting Emerging Multilingual Students in Secondary Literacy
      • ​Creating and implementing systems and structures at the district, school, and classroom level through collaborative and cross-departmental efforts to build an intersectional infrastructure that brings together MTSS, CLDE, Reading, Special Education, and GT. 
  • March 2023
    • ​​Spotlight: Colorado educators and leaders
    • Problem of Practice: Addressing Roadblocks and Strengthening Adolescent Literacy
      • What are some of the biggest challenges in your district's or school's systems and structures that:
        • ​Support literacy and language development for multilingual learners?
        • Support literacy instruction for students with disabilities?
        • Administrator knowledge and supports related to literacy?
        • Systems and structures that support effective instruction across the content areas?
  • April 2023
    • ​Spotlight: St. Vrain Valley School District
    • Problem of Practice: Family Literacy Engagement in Secondary Schools