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Colorado Academic Standards: Computer Science Resource Bank

Overview: CDE's Computer Science Resource Bank contains a variety of materials for computer science educators, including standards, curricula, and materials for professional educator development as directed by H.B. 17-1884, Modern Technology Education in Public Schools.

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LearnToMod is a critically-acclaimed Minecraft modding platform that teaches students, 6-18 years old, the basics of computer science through hundreds of video tutorials that use a drag-and-drop coding interface or typed Javascript. LearnToMod is supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation through their Small Business Innovation Research Program and is free to all educators, both for-profit and non-profit, to use in classrooms around the world. We at LearnToMod are excited to engage and inspire hundreds of thousands of students to learn coding through their favorite video game. Teachers using LearnToMod do not need coding experience to get started. Free online professional development, sponsored by the University of California San Diego, is available for teachers looking to learn how to engage students in computer science education using LearnToMod in conjunction with Minecraft. LearnToMod is the only Minecraft modding software available for free to educators that teaches coding.

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  • Curriculum


  • Programming


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