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Colorado Academic Standards: Computer Science Resource Bank

Overview: CDE's Computer Science Resource Bank contains a variety of materials for computer science educators, including standards, curricula, and materials for professional educator development as directed by H.B. 17-1884, Modern Technology Education in Public Schools.

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AAUW Cybersecurity

The world’s leading cyber security company, Symantec, partnered with AAUW to develop the STEMpack: Cyber Security curriculum. A total of four lessons across five days of instruction and activity, this curriculum is designed to inspire and introduce participants to cyber security and computer science. Overview This curriculum is intended for a classroom setting with a computer available for each student, to be led by an experienced educator who is comfortable using technology. The robust lessons build on one another and cover the origins of the internet, binary code, an introduction to programming languages and coding, deconstructing a computer, and more. The lessons can be flexible depending on educators’ needs, but each features more than two hours of instruction and activities for computer science education for students with varying degrees of prior knowledge.

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