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Improving Mathematics Outcomes in K-12 (House Bill 23-1231)

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The Colorado General Assembly passed House Bill 23-1231 in April 2023 and it was signed into law on May 15. The legislation seeks to improve outcomes in pre-kindergarten through twelfth-grade mathematics by implementing supports to accelerate achievement. Through this legislation, Colorado Department of Education (CDE) aims to empower educators with resources and practices that foster excellence in teaching mathematics through top-tier materials, supporting high-quality instruction and offering grants and funding opportunities to elevate math education across the state.

Advanced Technical Assistance: As a dedicated resource hub, CDE invites educators and school districts to inquire regarding guidance on the intricacies of HB23-1231 or to explore educator professional development opportunities focused on mathematical instruction and intervention strategies.  Engage with CDE to unlock tailored solutions that align with specific district needs and contribute to the advancement of mathematics education in Colorado. To inquire on technical assistance, please contact  

High-Quality Materials

  • Curriculum Guidance (coming Spring 2024)
  • Intervention Guidance 
  • Assessment Guidance (coming Spring 2024)

Supporting High-Quality Instruction

Continued Implementation by the Colorado Department of Education

Stay informed about forthcoming resources and initiatives to be introduced by the Colorado Department of Education as part of our commitment to House Bill 23-1231. These upcoming resources will provide educators with an integrated system of supports, including training in mathematics for elementary and secondary educators, independent reviews of instructional material, assessments and intervention resources, technical assistance for rural local education agencies and adding requirements for licensure endorsements in mathematics.


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Last updated: December 21, 2023