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School Counselor Corps Advisory Board

Announcement: SCCG Advisory Board Vacancies

The SCCG team is reaching out across the state to fill four SCCG Advisory Board vacancies. If you are interested to sit on the SCCG board, please submit a cover letter and resume by March 10, 2023 for consideration for immediate placement on the SCCG board through the 2023-24 school year.

This page is under construction.  Come back soon for updated information!

Meeting Dates

  • June 25, 2021 - Virtual
  • September 23, 2021 - Virtual
  • December 1, 2021 - Virtual

Meeting Minutes

Board Members

photo of Diane Stutey

Diane Stutey, PhD, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

"I joined the School Counselor Corps Advisory Board because I currently coordinate the school counseling program at UCCS, and I am a former school counselor. I think supporting the emotional health and wellness of K-12 students is vitally important. School counselors serve an important role in schools, and I support endeavors that increase the accessibility of school counselors for all youth."

photo of Carl Einhaus

Carl Einhaus, Colorado Department of Higher Education

"[SCCGP] is a highly effective program which makes long lasting changes to school districts in how students are served and prepared for their futures."

photo of Lauren Jones

Lauren Jones, Colorado Community College System

"Aside from CSCA, it's the best place to connect with fellow School Counselors, School Counselor advocates and humans who love school counseling no matter what. It is also the place where possibilities for HUGE impact on the lives of students, families and communities can happen. Together, we influence thriving learning environments, inspire positive outcomes and foster continuous improvement that leads to sustainable change. I'm honored and privileged to be amongst such smart people and such an unique and awesome program."

photo of Josh Gibbs

Joshua Gibbs, Colorado Workforce, Colorado Department of Labor & Employment

"I want to support the positive impact this grant offers schools and communities. The emphasis this grant offers on equipping schools to aid with mental health, career exploration, post secondary readiness are highly important and life changing aspects for students."

photo of Shae Smith

Shae Smith, Akron School District R-1

"I joined the School Counselor Corps Advisory Board because I saw the difference that the Counselor Corp Grant made for myself and school counselors in Colorado. I am passionate about School Counseling and supporting students during their academic journey. The School Counselor Corps Advisory Board offers me an opportunity to help other counselors and be involved at the state level."

photo of Andy Burns

Andrew Burns, Pueblo D60

"Through the Counselor Corps program, Colorado has become a national leader in supporting and sustaining effective school counseling.  In turn, these efforts will increase graduation rates, decrease dropout rates and enhance post-secondary and workforce readiness.  It's both exciting and humbling to participate in this important work."

headshot of Shauna Hobbs

Shauna Hobbs, Mesa County Valley D51

"The reason I joined the School Counselor Corps Advisory Board is that I love collaborating with passionate, inspiring leaders who are also zealous about increasing graduation rates, providing meaningful pathways for post-secondary experiences, and increasing work forces readiness skills for students across the state. Knowing that our efforts help to increase the numbers of outstanding school counselors is a dream come true."

Kim Medina, Colorado Mesa University

"Participating on the School Counselor Corps Advisory Board is an exciting opportunity for me to serve Colorado and our counseling and higher education community.  The School Counselor Corp is a critical part of the infrastructure needed to support post-secondary access."

photo coming soon!

Tammy Lawrence, Boulder Valley School District


photo coming soon!

Brenda Miltenberger, Burlington RE6J



Colorado’s School Counselor Corps Grant Program (SCCGP) funding is awarded to eligible school districts, BOCES, charter schools, or Institute charter schools. The purpose of this program is to increase the availability of effective school-based counseling within secondary schools. Grant funds are also used to increase the level of school counseling services provided to improve the graduation rate and increase the percentage of students who appropriately prepare for, apply to, and continue into postsecondary education.

The SCCGP Advisory Board provides recommendations to the Department for the Colorado School Counselor Corps Grant Program.  

Composition of the Board

The Advisory Board may include members who represent the Department, Higher Education, Labor and Employment, Community Colleges, school districts, or individuals with expertise in elementary, middle, and high school counseling; student retention; counselor education; career and technical education; student support services; career planning, pre-collegiate services; college admissions; or mental health and suicide prevention.

Length of Term

Each member of the Board shall serve at the pleasure of the Colorado Department of Education for a term of three years with the possibility of extending to a second term based upon the member’s eligibility.

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