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Early College High School

An Early College, as defined by C.R.S. 22-35-103(10)(a), is a secondary school that provides only a curriculum that requires each student to enroll in and complete secondary and postsecondary courses while enrolled in the four years of high school such that, upon successful completion of the curriculum, the student will have completed the requirements of a high school diploma and an associate's degree or other postsecondary credential or at least sixty credits toward the completion of a postsecondary credential. The curriculum must be designed to be completed within four years.

Any secondary school determined to be an Early College must submit a review application to retain its Early College designation, no later than five years after its most recent State Board determination.

Current State Board Designated Early Colleges:

Early College Name Authorizer Date of Initial Approval
Battle Mountain Early College High School Eagle County RE 50 2016-17
Colorado Early College - Fort Collins Charter School Institute 5/9/2012
Colorado Early College - Aurora Charter School Institute 6/14/2017
Colorado Early College - Colorado Springs Charter School Institute 3/11/2015
Colorado Early College - Douglas County Charter School Institute 3/11/2015
Colorado Early College - Windsor Charter School Institute 4/8/2020
Denver School of Innovation and Sustainable Design Denver Public Schools 4/12/2017
Dolores Huerta Preparatory High School Pueblo 60 2009
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Early College Denver Public Schools 4/12/2017
Eagle Valley Early College High School - Edwards and Gypsum Eagle County RE 50 4/13/2016
Early College Academy Weld County School District 6 6/14/2017
Early College of Arvada Charter School Institute 2009
Fred N. Thomas Career Education Center Early College Denver Public Schools 5/13/2015
Manual High School Denver Public Schools 6/14/2017
Northeast Early College Denver Public Schools 4/12/2017
Odyssey Early College & Career Options Colorado Springs D11 4/10/2013
Pikes Peak Early College Falcon 49 4/13/2016
West Early College Denver Public Schools 4/12/2017