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2023 School Counselor Corps Grant Program


The purpose of the School Counselor Corps Grant Program (SCCGP) is to provide funds to eligible education providers to increase the availability and implementation of effective school-based counseling to increase the state graduation rate and increase the percentage of students who appropriately prepare for, apply to, and continue into postsecondary education. The SCCGP also supports work-based learning awareness education for students at the middle and high school levels, and work-based learning opportunities at the high school level.  

Eligible Applicants

Local Education Providers (LEPs) are eligible to apply for this opportunity. An eligible LEP is: 

  • A School District (on behalf of one or more schools); 
  • A Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES); 
  • A Charter School authorized by a School District; or  
  • A Charter School authorized by the Charter School Institute. 

Elementary applicants must apply with the secondary school(s) for which they are a feeder school.

Funding and Grant Cycle

SCCGP is a four-year cohort grant cycle

  • Year One: awards range between $30,000 and $50,000 per application.
    • The first year of the grant is developmental year and will focus on data collection, needs analysis, program development, and direct services.
  • Years Two through Four: successful grantees may request up to $90,000 per funded school.  
    •  Funding is for implementation and increasing the level of school counseling services.

*Funding is contingent upon enacting pending appropriations to the SCCGP for 2023-2024 school year. There is a limit to how many sites are funded per application based on state allocations.

Allowable Use of Funds 

Funds may be used to supplement and not supplant any monies currently being used to provide school counseling positions and/or activities. 

Allowable activities include: 

  • Grant related travel to in-person required trainings and professional development; 
  • Licensed school counselor salaries and benefits;
  • Career awareness and postsecondary preparatory services;  
  • Professional development;  
  • School counseling program development and implementation; and 
  • Consulting services. 

Funds may not be used for the following (including, but not limited to): 

  • Capital equipment; 
  • Building improvements, construction, or maintenance; or 
  • Indirect costs, or incentives for students and or staff. 


Brooke Morgan, School Counseling Specialist 

(303) 923-0966 | 

Jennicca Mabe, School Counseling Specialist 

(303) 923-0974 |