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Phase 2 - Section B: Baseline Survey Report


Section B of Phase 2 involves completing a providing a report on the results of each school's baseline student impression of bullying survey. This section has two items worth a total of 14 points. Below you will find the criteria for Section B that will be used by reviewers as well as a walkthrough for each item.

Phase 2 Section B Image



Section B.1 asks about the percentage of eligible students who were surveyed. Eligible students refers to those students who are in grades 3 and above. To earn the full 7 points on this item, a school must show that it surveyed 60% or more of eligible students. This standard is in place to ensure that the results of the survey have the best chance to be valid. Schools can earn 4 points if they surveyed between 26% and 59% of their eligible students. Finally, schools will earn 0 points if they surveyed less than 25% of their eligible students. It should be noted that the first BPEG cohort was able to survey an average of XX% of eligible students in less time than is currently being given to Phase 2 applicants. 


Section A.2 asks schools to write a narrative on how they will either maintain or improve the percentage of eligible students who are surveyed each year. Schools that met the 60% threshold of eligible students surveyed should write a narrative on how their process was successful in getting parental opt-in forms signed, having the survey organized, and having students complete the survey in a timely manner. Schools that did not reach the 60% mark should write a narrative on the strategies that they will use to reach the 60% mark in the following years.