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Section C: Policies and Practices


There are two items on Section C, all of which relate to policies and practices. There are a total of 14 points possible in Section C. Below you will find the criteria for Section C as well as a walkthrough for each item.

Policies and Practices - Cohort 2


Section C.1 relates to the district bullying prevention and education policy. This policy is typically identified with the code JICDE. Specifically, this item asks applicants to describe the current district bullying prevention and education policy and how this plan may be changed to be improved. Colorado law (PDF) requires all school districts and charter school boards to have a safe school plan that includes a specific policy concerning bullying prevention and education. It is also required that "disciplinary consequences for students who bully other students and for any person who takes any retaliatory action against a student who reports in good faith an incident of bullying" are part of the policy. In addition to these requirements, the law also encourages several policy components including:

  1. The incorporation of a "biennial administration of surveys of students' impressions of the severity of bullying in their schools"
  2. "Character building"
  3. "The designation of a team of persons at each school of the school district who advise the school administration concerning the severity and frequency of bullying incidents that occur in the school." This team may include "law enforcement officials, social workers, prosecutors, health professionals, mental health professionals, school psychologists, counselors, teachers, administrators, parents, and students." 
  4. The development of an age-appropriate Internet safety plan that includes teaching students the "recognition and avoidance of on-line bullying."

Section C.2 asks applicants to describe how the school will provide basic protections for students accused of perpetrating bullying. Specifically, understanding the due process procedures for students accused of perpetrating bullying and the safeguards afforded to these students. The due process procedures could include an explanation of the process that occurs when a student reports bullying.