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Cover Page


The cover page should be the top page of the application.

Clarification has been provided below for certain required items on the Cover Page. 

Name of Applicant: The name of the applicant should be one of the following:

  • School district (on behalf of a school or a collaborative group of schools);
  • Charter School or the Institute Charter School;
  • Board of Cooperative Services (on behalf of a school or a collaborative group of schools); or
  • Facility school approved pursuant to C.R.S. 22-2-402 

Note: Individual schools will be listed later in the cover page and on the School Information and Signature Page.

Authorized Representative: The Authorized Representative is typically the Superintendent, BOCES Executive Director, CSI Executive Director, or Facility School Executive Director (or their designee).

Program Contact Person: The Program Contact Person is typically the person who will be responsible for coordinating the activities of the grant program.

Fiscal Manager: The Fiscal Manager is typically the District/BOCES/CSI/Facility School accounting or budget office. This person is different from the grant coordinator.

Region: This is the region in which the district resides. If you do not know in which region your participating schools reside, you can use the regions webpage on the CDE site to search.

Amount Requested: Enter the total amount of money that is being requested for each year. A more detailed breakdown of the budget will be required in Section E of the Evaluation Narrative. As a reminder, there is a $1,000 limit for Year 0 and these funds can only be used for the monitoring and execution of the distribution, collection, standardization, and analysis of the baseline student survey. For Years 1-3 of the grant, there is a maximum of $25,000 per school per year that can be requested.